Highlights of Thai Blogs: January – June 2005

A traditional Thai drama performance during a cremation

It has been so nice to welcome so many new bloggers recently. It is really good to have such a diversity on offer. Hopefully some of them will become regular bloggers. I have always liked the idea of having weekly blogs written by different people. I think it would be nice if people picked a regular day and blogged at that exact time each week. Then that way I would look forward to that particular day each week in order to read their next blog. Just a thought. For the new bloggers, I have written a “How to blog” page with some useful instructions.

I had a few hours spare tonight so I thought I would make a start on producing a “Highlights of Thai Blogs 2005”. It is by no means finished yet but you can see the work in progress here:


There are a lot of good blogs from the past which new visitors might be interested in.

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