Highlights of Thai Blogs: January – June 2005

A traditional Thai drama performance during a cremation

It has been so nice to welcome so many new bloggers recently. It is really good to have such a diversity on offer. Hopefully some of them will become regular bloggers. I have always liked the idea of having weekly blogs written by different people. I think it would be nice if people picked a regular day and blogged at that exact time each week. Then that way I would look forward to that particular day each week in order to read their next blog. Just a thought. For the new bloggers, I have written a “How to blog” page with some useful instructions.

I had a few hours spare tonight so I thought I would make a start on producing a “Highlights of Thai Blogs 2005”. It is by no means finished yet but you can see the work in progress here:


There are a lot of good blogs from the past which new visitors might be interested in.

18 responses to “Highlights of Thai Blogs: January – June 2005

  1. Richard,

    I am busy taking summer MBA course here in the US. Although, I’m still read through this blog every day. I will try to post something interesting every week….ha I still have a lot of interesting topic to post here..so do not count me off.

    Also, I still post comments on the interesting blog. Steve just had email me that you guys miss my blog. Maybe I will try to post something interesting in this coming weekend. Please be patient or jai yai yai. You should know by now..sometime Thai born blogger tend to be lazy or puting something off.

  2. Richard, just want you to know how very much I have enjoyed all the blogs on this site, and especially yours. As a teacher, I am really enthralled by the school descriptions. We traveled to Thailand for the 2nd time in June, and I just can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had reading your entries. Keep it up!

  3. @maitree: Jai Yen Yen, not Jai yai yai.

    @Richard: Thank you for creating this Thai-Blogs.com for us to express and share experiences. You can make it happen! ขอบคุณ ค่ะ

  4. @djcrystal: Thank you for correct my miss spelling. That what I meant Jai yen yen not jai yai yai. Thank you again.

    @Richard: Can you give me permission to blog again. I am currently do not have permission to blog. Althought, I am still a member of this blog. Thank s!

  5. Maitree, I have just given you permission again to blog. Sorry about that, I had to turn all permissions off the other day as we were fixing some security flaws. As there were so many people registered but only a few blogging I decided to turn the permissions back on only when people contacted me.

  6. @Richard: Thank you for the permission. Look for my post sometime later in the week.

  7. Richard, let me thank you for my fellow Luddites in giving some info on options on “how to blog”. Also thanks for providing a forum to share such intresting experiences from people around the world. Vanilla is such a bore when it is all you have!
    Now if I can learn how to do more than “hunt & peck” I’ll really be downtown.

  8. Yeah, i was wondering what happened to Maitree after that very decent first blog of hers which was pretty spot-on.

    Since arriving here in December when the readership was very little i’ve noticed that ‘yes, a lot of the new readers don’t bother reading any of the old blogs’. Bit sad really.

    Even had a couple of Farang misunderstand that some of my ‘dos and donts’ are just for fun. Wrote a bad comment, obvisiously they hadn’t read any of my past blogs and didn’t know my style. Cause of this they got upset.

    Richard is exactly right about bloggers keeping to a certain ‘routine’, say once a week. As sometimes the site gets a single ‘Richard’ blog in one day and then we have had some periods here at Thai-blogs when certainly ‘too’ many blogs have been posted in one day.

    No blogger likes to post a blog and then see it later in the day at the bottom of the main page. They can feel that they are wasting their time writing for thai-blogs.

    Richard is exactly right again there to point out that a lot of the regular readers look forward to a blog from a favourite blogger of their’s and so it’s perfect to write consistently.

    I’ve been writing a blog every 6-7 days for 7 months now (not including dos and donts) and i’ve realized that i’ve managed to build up a lot of regular readers that way.

  9. Thank you guys both for your advice even when you didn’t know I needed to ask you for it 😉

    I’ve been working to try and consistantly blog but butting my head against a wall sometimes. I have all these ideas for stuff to write about but then when it comes time to make myself sit down and do it a lot of times I just stare at the a blank screen as if to say “Well?…Get on with it!”

    The idea of a regular schedule for posting is excellent for all the reasons Richard mentioned. I was trying to see what would be a good regular day for myself. One day a week? Two? Three even? The problem is if I don’t blog often enough I get a back log of blog ideas. I think I like Stevens idea best, posting every 7th day, using a calendar to see what day I plan to post and then write all my blogs on Word. I can work on and save as I go each time up until my date to post gets here then I just see which blog I want to post. This seems like a good idea to organize and work everything in. Any suggestions to also help?


  10. Hi Wit:

    Me and Richard have been discussing it for a long time as we’ve both seen the way thai-blogs has been going since the site started to take off in January. We now get more viewers a day now than we had for an entire month back then.

    You stuck a couple of blogs on Carabao together but never mind as you’d been absent for ages. Anyway they were decent, good reads.

    If any of the bloggers can’t think up a blog every week then just say blog whenever.

    I think a maximum of about 3-4 blogs a day is perfect. I had a regular reader complain a little last week that there too many blogs for her to read them all. So there you have a regular who couldn’t read every blog that day.

    I would also like to advise some of the new bloggers not to worry about any lack of comments on any of their blogs. It doesn’t mean they weren’t being read, of course the readers just didn’t not what to comment on.

  11. The problem is if I don’t blog often enough I get a back log of blog ideas.

    This shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes I write 3 or 4 blogs in one day (now my secret is out). All I then do is change the date before I save it and the blogs will appear at the appointed day as if by magic. I will probably be going away for the long weekend and so I will write my blogs in advance tonight. Then they will apear over the weekend as if I was writing every day! Click on the link “how to blog” to find out how to do this.

    For the past 7 months I have been blogging every day in order to build up a readership for the blogs. The aim is to have something new on the blogs every day. My dream in the future is that regular bloggers will pick a different day of the week to blog and stick to it. Then if we have a blog for sure each day then I can semi-retire and only post twice a week. Although I enjoy blogging, my other web sites have been somewhat neglected this year!

  12. One day when I have time, I will write some blog’s, I have not had much time lately as I have been very busy with my finances at the moment, end of financial year and all, but I want to write some blog’s towards the end of the year about my experience in Paknam and I have many photo’s, I want people to guess where in Paknam these photo’s were taken.

  13. Hehe. I have a LOT to write about, but timing hasn’t quite work out. The busier work/life gets, you’ll see the dwindling of my entries. Writing my Thai-Blogs entry to me is like like writing for the Nation…without the word limit or a deadline. That’s why I need to set some time aside, and that’s not easy to find during weekdays for this 27-mile commuter.

    On the other hand, My personal blog is a little different since I spout out about anything and everything, I can often add my nonsense during work hours. Hehee. 🙂

  14. Nice work, Richard. 🙂

    We now get more viewers a day now than we had for an entire month back then.

    Haha, you can say that again, Steve! :p I still remember when I was the sole blogger, way back when Richard just started to experiement with the idea of blogs on Thailandlife. That was way before you or any of the current bloggers came.

    The site was very simple, no-frills, just the plain text. Comments were made in the forums. That blog to this one is like DOS is to Windows.

    Folks, I recommend taking a look at the granddaddy of thai-blogs.com just for curiosity.

    The blogs you see there, you can also find them on Thaiblogs.com. It was useful material to start this site with, because the transferred old blogs provided the new site with considerable content, instantly getting rid of that ‘new site – nothing to read’ phenomenon.

    From that very first idea in August last year, up till now… such a great advance! Thanks to Richard’s dedication and to the influx of new bloggers, especially Steve, giving the site the diversity and fun that make it unique in its category.

  15. Thanks also to you SiamJai for being a sounding board in those early days when I was playing around with ideas. And, of course, thanks also for sticking around!

    Looks like we will be celebrating our first birthday next month! I’ll try and think of a suitable competition and prize.

  16. regular bloggers will pick a different day of the week to blog and stick to it.

    That’d be a good idea. Many times I wish I could write more frequently. Like Wit, I have plenty of ideas, but can’t get them to blogs. No writer’s block for me; the CMU labs simply take up nearly all my life not spent eating or sleeping. :p

    These holidays are good getaway times, and a time to catch up at least with the comments. Hopefully the situation will improve when the new projects start rolling.

    It’s nice to see the ‘how to blog’ guide finally on the site! Although it was fun to find the tricks of the blogs out for myself, a guide like this will make the blogs more user-friendly.

    There are a few additional tricks that make things even smoother:

    Swipe n’ click
    Highlighting text and choosing a command will automatically provide both the opening and closing tags, applied to the highlighted area. This way, you don’t have to bother placing the cursor at the beginning and then at the end of your text, clicking on the command button each time. It’s all done with just a swipe and a click.

    Tags in comments
    Want a foolproof way to easily write HTML when you are commenting on another blog? We don’t have the command buttons that write the tags in our new blogs, we have to write the tags in manually. It’s such a hassle! Especially that “a href='” is too cumbersome to be done correctly! And it has to be right at the first shot, as there is no editing once you posted a comment.

    The way around this is simply open “write new blog” in a new window. Use the buttons there, then cut&paste your pre-formatted, tagged text into the comments section. Simple.

    Centered pics
    When you insert an image into your blog, it will be positioned on the left margin by default, leaving empty space on the right. Freqently, pictures look better in the center. To do this, simply add the ‘center – /center’ command around the ‘img’ command.

    Embedded pics
    A more advanced technique is to embed pictures into your text, as you can see in my FloverFest blog. The way to do it is simply specify the alignment in the ‘img’ command, such as this:
    (align=”right” hspace=”10″ vspace=”5″). Text will wrap around the pic, and then resume at full lenght.

    Preview your comment
    One of the few flaws of this program is that posted comments can be neither previewed before post, nor edited after post. Bloggers can find a way around by posting the comment as if they were writing a new blog. Hit preview, catch any formatting mistakes, then cut&paste into the Comments section.

    That’s it for now… Richard, feel free to include these tips in the blog guide if you find any of them useful and correct. I have a few other things too, but I’m not sure whether they will work on this site yet. If I only had more time to play around!

  17. And, of course, thanks also for sticking around!

    It was my pleasure, Richard, still is. And I have many more things to be thankful to you… 😉

    Looks like we will be celebrating our first birthday next month!

    Yes, isn’t that amazing? I will try to think up something special too. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend! ~

  18. Thanks Siamjai. I think you maybe missed the link for the “picture” part which I added a couple of days ago. Here is a direct link:


    I will try and do something about previewing comments.