Superstitions from Thailand

Tourists dressing up in hilltribe costumes to have their picture taken.

Here are some more Thai superstitions:

(1) Do not let your children play with shadows during the evening. The shadow guy will come and take them away.
(2) Do not pick flowers in the temple grounds. You will go to hell when you die.
(3) Do not walk with your face down. It will make your life shorter.
(4) Do not stomp as you walk around the house. You will scare the guardian spirits of the house.
(5) Do not walk heavily. You won’t be able to save any money.
(6) Do not walk across any sharp objects. It will make them unsharp.
(7) Do not hit your parents. You will become a very bad ghost.
(8) Do not boil an egg in a rice cooker. It will make your life worse.
(9) Do not set up a spirit house in the shadow of a house. The owner of the house won’t be successful.
(10) Do not cut your hair on Wednesday. It is bad luck for you.
(11) Do not cut your nails during the night-time. It will be like breaking the bones of your ancestors.
(12) Do not insult a Buddha image. You will go to hell.
(13) Do not get married on odd numbered months. It is a bad omen for your marriage.
(14) Do not spit or complain about the smell at a funeral. Bad things will happen to you.
(15) Do not take off your clothes or sleep next to the closet. A ghost will come to haunt you.

More Thai Superstitions:

6 responses to “Superstitions from Thailand

  1. What is SUPERSITIONS?

  2. Yes.

  3. That pic made me thinking: how come that natives always look so nice in their dresses regardless of age and gender, while tourists who dress up in a similar way always look like clowns? :p

  4. I am taught to follow no.10 & 11. Except the day not to cut hair for me is Tuesday.

    SiamJai, I think the tourist looks good in this picture? Many foreign ladies dressed in local dress in my place look real cool and I know everyone’s heart hear starts melting. Also the farangs from the Krishna Conscious movement wearing sarongs here are cool!

  5. My place = India. Just if someone thought otherwise…

  6. dont eat lying down, you will turn into a snake.