Pon’s First Snow

12 days after Pon’s visa was approved, we touched down in Seattle, WA. A first time on US soil, foreign soil for that matter, for my soon-to-be wife. We collected our baggage and headed out onto the sidewalk to be picked up. Since 9/11, of course you cannot be met at your flight by family and friends. I had arranged to have my good Thai friends, Lex and Ahn, pick us up. I wanted Pon to have friendly non-Farang faces meeting her in her first minutes in this faraway place (more on that later).

..Lex, Anh, their daughter, Pon, and I
Christmas Eve at Kuhn Lex’s

One thing that I had hoped for, as we headed to the US, was for Pon to be able to see snow. She had never seen it! 26 years and the closest she had ever come to snow was when she watched movies or news footage on t.v.! In Seattle, we are always good for a couple of light dustings of the stuff, but seldom do we get a good dumping! However, if you want that, it is only a 30 minute drive into the mountains. Then you get all the snow you can handle.

I know that this is a blog post for Thailand, and Thai stuff, and this story really is a stretch for that topic, so I will keep it short. It was just such a kick to take a Thai person, who has never seen snow, up into a raging snow storm! What a way to be introduced to snow, eh?!!!
Here are some pictures of that day. Needless to say, Pon is addicted to snow now. She loves it! The look on her face..and that HUGE smile. It was such a huge treat to see her so happy!

Together in America at last!
She’s trying not to look freezing!

Pon is writing her name.
Writing her name.

Very happy.
A picture really does say a thousand words!

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