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First, on behalf of the regular bloggers and the founding fathers, I would like to say a big “welcome” to all of the new bloggers from the past few months. It has been really great to read such a variety of blogs written by people who have different connections to Thailand. We hope you stick with us and help the Thai Blogs community grow stronger. at present, our daily readership is about 2,000-5,000 people per day. This is really great and has far surpassed our expectations.

To help the newcommers, I have started to put together a “how to..” for bloggers. The first one can be seen here:

As we are still defining ourselves as we go along, I wish to share with you some notes and a few minor rules!

* It is nice to see people blogging often, but be careful of “burning out” too soon. It is much better to have a regular blog of say once or twice a week than every day for a week and then we don’t see you for a month! If you blog once a week then people will look forward to reading your blog. For example, you could publish every Wednesday. To make this easier, you can write a series of blogs in one go and then have them automatically appear every Wednesday. You can see how to do this by clicking on the link above.

* Some people ask me what are good blogging subjects. Well, basically any connection to Thailand. Our readership is quite varied and they are interested in many different things. Some are preparing holidays to Thailand. Others want to live or work here. Some are going to marry a Thai person. Others want to know about the culture, language and food. Basically, anything that interests you should be of interest to our readers. I love reading blogs that make me say “I never knew that!”. Or ones that show me places in Thailand that I have never been to before.

* Pictures. It is nice to have pictures on your blogs. If you don’t have any, then don’t worry. Some of you might have noticed pictures mysteriously appearing on your blogs. I have a small photo library which I am using to brighten up the blogs. If you wish to use your own pictures, make sure they are no larger in width than 450 pixels. I think 350 pixels across is a good size and will help the page load quicker. Also, try not to have too many pictures on the front page. If you have more than 4 pictures, try and use the “next page” code to put them on the second page. The link above will show you how to do that.

* Family Friendly. We are trying our best to keep the blogs family friendly. This means students and families can come and read the blogs without being offended. so, you cannot use bad language. You also cannot talk about the seedier side of Thailand – i.e. the bar girls. We are not trying to sweep this under the carpet. But we are trying to do our bit in cleaning up Thailand’s image. The rest is up to the government!

* Email – if you would like to have an e-mail address that says then please let me know. We will redirect this address so mail ends up in your regular box.

That’s all for now.

Happy blogging!


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