My dull Sunday in different sights (1)

A dull Sunday in town
A dull Sunday in town

Having been stood up by a senior friend at work who promised to take me to Pratunam, Bangkok’s shopping center for people from all walks of life, I felt that my Sunday was going to be so boring for me. You know women love shopping. So do I. For a window shopping most of the time, though. I’m not stingy; I just know the value of money I earn and just think over and over before I come to buying something. What should I do? I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth like my Prime Minister’s children. But the pasted Sunday, I did intend to go shopping in Pratunam, not for a window shopping as usual.

I had planned with that senior friend to go shopping a week ahead. She was supposed to take me to Sum Peng and Paohurat as well. I felt happy deeply to have a guide to show me around Bangkok for free of charge since I don’t know Bangkok well even though I’ve been here for 3 months or so. But the beautiful plan had to be put off just one day before the trip came.

I woke up around 1 PM with a headache because some cool movies on HBO kept me up all night. I slept in for a while and got up lazily to take a shower. It was such a dull Sunday, but my feet urged me to go out, say, I couldn’t be a lazy arse sleeping in all day. I looked at my wall clock with my eyes open wide. 15 mins to 3 PM!!! How did my showering consume so much time?

“I still had some time. There was no hurry,” I talked to myself wearily. I was dead wrong. Never say no hurry in Bangkok. You know why.

I am used to living my easy life in upcountries – from Phitsanulok to Uthaithani, Nakornsrithammarat, Buriram, Khon Kaen and Samuprakarn – where people do not struggle to live from hand to mouth much. Of course, poor people still struggle to live their lives, but I don’t think they do hard like those who live in a big city such Bangkok. My life was so nice back then. My life has changed since I started my first career in Bangkok. Actually, in Samutprakarn. I have to get up at 5 AM every morning even though I go to bed after midnight as always. I’m a night owl!

I’ll be right back. My boss is here.

To be continued…

3 responses to “My dull Sunday in different sights (1)

  1. I agree with thinking it over constantly before buying anything. I’m too used to do that, I can’t even call it shopping. But maybe it’s because I live in expensive England? Nice pic of the city by the way. Always enjoy seeing those.

  2. Me too. Got to get up by 0530hrs everday but can never sleep before 12midnight. So, my weekend is when I compensate…

  3. Ha! Got you both beat! Up at 4:30 AM , on the bus for an hour and a half commute at 6:00 AM, but not a night owl most of the time.

    Welcome to the Blogs. Nice stuff. I’ll be all over the 25 baht store my next trip, here in the USA we have the $1 Store (about 40 baht now I think).

    Look forward to reading more and I’m another one of the shop , but don’t buy people. 🙂