KanchanaBuri & SangklaBuri Trip – Day 3

A plaque in KanchanaBuri Cemetery

View from Sri Nakarin Dam

Garden in Sri Nakarin Dam

Cruise around the lake near SangkhalaBuri

Roti is very similar to Roti Chanai in Malaysia and Roti Plata in Singapore except it is more oily

8 responses to “KanchanaBuri & SangklaBuri Trip – Day 3

  1. Excellent and highly informative travel blog, KhunChin.
    It is said there is one railway track sleeper for every life lost on the Thai-Burma railway and it was good to see you mentioned the forced labourers -often forgotten in memorial services etc.
    Did you stay at the “P Guest house” at Sangkhlaburi?

  2. Thanks again for another great Blog KhunChin!

    I appreciate the mention of the present day labourers and the soldiers from the KNU. As a farang traveling in Thailand I get the sense that I’m expected to follow a prescribed “farang vaction”, as I have often been told “why are you here? There is nothing to see.”

    Taking notes for my next trip and I think that I may bring some easy English language books.

  3. “A little kindness brings a lot of happiness, month after month” Reader’s Digest should use these lines!!

    Roti with oil, should be called ‘parantha’. At least in my place!

  4. I must go to Hellfire Pass one day to pay my respects to the Australian’s

  5. Excellent information. Thank you. Wish the name of the guest house were mentioned thyough. Looks really nice on the pix.

  6. The name of guesthouse is Pguesthouse


  7. Thanks
    Good thread. And, good work on Kanchanaburi, also. This in now my home, living in Thailand on a Retirement VISA.

    Plan to visit Sangklaburi next month. There is a bus and a mini van available from here. And, you verified previous comments I’d heard recommending PGuesthouse…

  8. I had not heard of the submerged Wat before – do you know if it’s possible to go diving there?