Flood Flashback

Street flooding. Ahh. The one thing I don’t particularly miss about Bangkok. Then again, if the city doesn’t flood, that means the country is not getting enough rain that year.

In my past post, I have mentioned my friends’ and my mischievous attempts to get our school flooded. But man, did I hate wading the murky water home. The grease, the dirt, and God knows what else that was on the street are now happily steeping in the flood water.

And there we went in our cheap rubber flip-flops, slowly wading through the street, relying on our memories and instincts as to where the curbs end. Everyone in a while, we had to get on our tip toes, or hop up to avoid the waves created by passing motor vehicles.

As soon as we reached home, the race was on to clean our feet and calves with plenty of soap and water. Additionally, to prevent further itching, an ample amount of baby powder was applied. I don’t recall having too much trouble after I rinsed off though.

One of the severe Bangkok flood back in the 80s, my dad, my brother and I had our little adventure out in to Soi Langsuan. At the time, the water would have come up to my waist so my nanny carried me out. I remembered the water was up over my dad’s knees, up to my brother’s thighs. Someone drove by in a pick up and sure enough my brother got his butt wet. LOL.

Flooding is just a part of the wonderful monsoon season we have. With it, traffic. Really really bad traffic. Yet another reason why this is the low tourism season other than a lot of rain, and crazy waves in the south.

But despite all of the inconvenience, I love the monsoons. And I miss it so.

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