KanchanaBuri & SangklaBuri Trip – Day 2

The Dutchman and his lovely Daughter

The Japanese Ladies

Section of Death Railway is still in use and NamTok Station

While waiting for the train to arrive, we would walk on the track

There’s a Buddhist cave temple next to the track

Our lovely Tour Guide Bee

River Kwai Station is quiet in the morning

3 responses to “KanchanaBuri & SangklaBuri Trip – Day 2

  1. Bridge Over the River Kwai brings back memories

  2. Thanks Paul, I was wondering if I should continue with day 3 or not since I don’t know if anyone out there reading. It takes at least an hour for me to write.

  3. Thanks for writing these reports – I know many people appreciate them (or will one day in the future) as it is helpful for planning trips. Keep up the good work!