Open Vegetable Markets.

An open vegetable market has its own beauty. It is timeless, because the oldest markets might have existed in the same manner that open markets exist today.

With pressure on land, these markets vanish and tall buildings come up. In MTT I, Chaengwattana road, there was a vegetable market, with elevated platforms, and outside the enclosed space, fruits and vegetables were sold by vendors. I used to buy guava from the vendors sitting outside the enclosed market.

This time I found the market missing. A large condominium has come there.

2 responses to “Open Vegetable Markets.

  1. And they will call building a condominium on a market “progress” !
    In the UK, open markets called “Farmers Markets” are increasing, maybe they are open only one day a week, but it is the place for buying the best fresh meat, fish and vegetables – some of it is organic as well. The farmers get a better price in these markets than selling to the supermarkets and we get fresher food, and we know where it has come from as well.
    People here are tired of buying old vegetables that have gone from some farm to be packaged up before being sold in supermarkets many days later. Hopefully the open food markets will never go from Thailand as all we visitors like to visit them.

  2. Open markets are so personal and friendly. You can make friends there and talk the latest gossip about other shoppers in your vicinity. And get small kicks like, having a special basket of fresh fruits kept waiting just for you….