I Love My Government

I certainly don’t understand how my government can tell me that the photos I sent to them with my application for a fiancee visa do not constitute “evidence that we have met”. Photos offering dowry, photos at graduation ceremony, photos with monks , photos with family and friends, photos in front all a plethora of Wat’s, photos with hill tribes.

Now I feel good about being a pack rat because I’m going to send them about 8 weeks worth charge receipts, money exchange receipts, ticket stubs for boats, trains and planes (and one for my upcoming trip for good measure), passport stamps and my proudest souviner my fine for overstaying my visa! (I hope Thai customs lets me back in):-)

4 responses to “I Love My Government

  1. 555

    Been there, done that! Actually, we just interviewed for the green card for my wife, and wedding pics/marriage license, plane tix, two years of joint tax returns, and TATTOOED wedding rings with each others’ names on them… they still want more evidence that we have a *real* relationship! Oh yes, I *love* them too! 555!
    Good luck!


  2. I suppose, now that it is so easy to manipulate photographs digitally, Governments can be a bit suspicious that they are fake photographs.

  3. One day borders will be so porous that customs and immigration offices will be tourist sites for the world! And the bureaucrats just actors inside.

  4. I feel your pain. The whole experience with INS, Homeland security, or whatever it is they call themselves this week, is always a unique experience.

    Although we did struggle with them a bit, not quite to your degree because I was already in the US on student visa. But man, all the fun with US government. That’s a story for my future post.

    Hang in there! We can only hope the INS get their heads out of their butts soon.