thailand calling

hello all you fellow travellers and bloggers, allthough i have never been to thailand i wish to travel there in this august on a do it your self trip not hiring any personnel or a travel agent, well by the time i reach there its going to be rainy season and whoa i love rain one of my fantasies is to live the rest of my life in a rain forest any way thailand as i have seen and read is much more than an amazing land, and one of my best favoured are koh samui, phi phi, krabi and the inner part jungles and yes i would stay for some 3-4 days in bangkok but more for its floating market and not for the city life which is what i want to escape from here in new delhi where i live and work allthough i love going places mountains and beaches are closer to my heart ,,,,coming back to thailand i will have to be kicked out of phi phi or i might just stay there forever, my dear girlfriend who is in miami and working with the royal carribean cruise is most of the time sailins so she would rather not be on the beach all the time so will go further to the tiger park which i think is near to burma where tigers are raised by some monks i saw that documentary and was really surprised by the way all their lifes are led and the way the tiger is taken care of and how they are short of funds to manage all that,oh man i can go on and onand stop only when i reach thailand,,,,,,,,counting and waiting for the magic month of august to turn up.

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