Dwarf cows exchange vows

A pair of rare dwarf Brahman cattle, Thong Khaow, left, and Thong Kham, right, are married in a traditional Thai ceremony featuring processions and a banquet for more than 2,000 human guests at a cattle market in central Sa Kaew province on Sunday, July 10, 2005. The owner of the bull, Thong Kham, offered a dowry of fresh grass, hay, maize and 100,000 baht (US$2,400, euro2,000) at the promotional event for the two rare animals.(AP Photo)

3 responses to “Dwarf cows exchange vows

  1. Wow…. pretty unique and looks so cute 🙂
    Are the cattles/bulls also a dwarf kind? or they are an ordinary calf?

  2. Moo.


  3. No, these are not calves. Calves are bigger themselves then these dwarfs even. Like humans, calves are small all over, proportionally. and as you can see here, like some types of dwarfism in humans, the is some irregularity in the growth of the body of these cattle. ie, the head.