Getting closer…

I took my first step towards really picking up and going. I know this may sound silly but I am excited to report that I turned in my 60 day notice at my apartment complex and job. They know that I will be leaving the country for 6 months – 1 year and I have a list of vaccinations that I can’t start getting till middle of next month. I still dont know where I will be working or living but that’s ok. It’s a little scary but all part of the adventure!! I did finally get a laptop and a digital cam gift certificate that I have to redeem so I will have pics of bangkok when Im there.

5 responses to “Getting closer…

  1. Way to go lilred! Oh how I wish I were already as far along as you are. Does your job request that you get all the vaccinations? Only if you come from a country with a history of contagious diseases usually are vaccinations required.

    Mai bpen rai, you’ll do great and have the best time of your life I bet in Thailand. That’s a great phrase and if you don’t already know it remeber it and treat it like it’s your best friend! ‘Mai bpen rai’ means the same as ‘it’s ok’ ‘no problem’ ‘it doesn’t matter’ etc. just use that phrase a lot and smile a lot and just go witht he flow and you will get along so great with everyone there and have the best time.

    Again I am so jealous your this close to going but I look forward to seeing your pics on here and your first report from Bangkok.

    Choke dee krab


  2. All right! I’m excited for you and a little envious! Good luck, have a great time and I’m looking forward to your pictures and coments!

  3. I am jealous too! But happy for you…

  4. Thank you all!! I am so excited about my upcoming trip!! I am hoping to help anyone else planning an extended stay (but not relocaion) to Thailand. I have found lots of resources about relocating expats and short term trips, but nothing about preperations for staying for 6 months to 1 year. I like being able to document online like a journal.

  5. U go gurl..I really envy you. My 1st trip to Thailand was 7 years ago, I have since fallen in love with the place. Since then, I travelled to Thailand at least 3 times a year but due to work constraint back in Singapore, all my trips were no longer than a week. I have always wanted to plan for a longer stay so that I can travel around Thailand but then I will have to quit my job here…unless I can find a job or business opportunity in Thailand. Anyway, life is short so enjoy it when you can!!!