Thai Lesson 01 – Shopping

Wat Sala Loi in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) which was built in 1967. Unusual because it has merged Thai style with a modernist viewpoint

Here is lesson one for learing some useful phrases for your holiday to Thailand. Today’s lesson is “shopping”. You should be able to see the link on the right for the radio blog. One of the students at my school recorded the phrases for you so that you can practice repeating after her. Below is the written text.

Don’t forget, to be polite, men should say “krap” and women say “kaa”.

How much is this? – ra-ka tao-rai
That is a little expensive – pang bai nit noi
Can you make it cheaper? – lot ra-ka dai mai
Do you have a bigger size? – mee ka-nat yai gwaa mai
Do you have a small size? – mee ka-nat lek gwaa mai
Do you have a different colour? – mee see eun mai
Can I try it on? – long noi dai mai
I am just looking. – doo yoo na
How much is it together? – tung mot tao-rai
Where do I pay? – jai ngern tee nai

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