Superstitions from Thailand

Here are some more Thai superstitions and old wives tales which have shaped Thai people today.

(1) Do not wear your amulet when you go to the toilet. If you do so it will no longer be sacred.
(2) Do not tap repeatedly with a spoon or chopsticks on a bowl of rice. Because you are inviting a ghost to come and eat with you.
(3) The same goes for the top of the rice cooker. You will upset the rice goddess.
(4) Do not kill yourself. It is a very bad sin.
(5) Do not taste food with a large serving spoon. It will make your child look ugly.
(6) Do not point your finger at a monk. You will lose your finger.
(7) Do not point your finger at a rainbow. It will make your finger fall off.
(8) Do not cut the wood for the stairs with a knife. Because the ghost will make you fall down the stairs.
(9) Do not place a plate on top of another while you are eating. It will make you unable to pay off your debts.
(10) Do not sell a needle in the middle of the night. Your shop will not be profitable.
(11) Do not smell the flowers that you are going to offer to the monk. Something bad will happen to your nose.
(12) Do not say bad things to your parents. It is a really bad sin.
(13) Do not insult or say bad things to a monk. In the next life you will be deaf and dumb.
(14) Do not insult sunshine, wind or rain because mother nature will make something bad happen to you.
(15) Do not let toddlers who cannot talk yet eat fish. It will make their gums bleed.

Source: Translated from “Boran Oo-bai” by Sanom Krutmeuang

2 responses to “Superstitions from Thailand

  1. 11) Do not smell the flowers that you are going to offer to the monk. Something bad will happen to your nose.

    I have heard a slightly different one to this:-
    Do not smell the flowers you offer the Lord Buddha, you will be born with a deformed nose in your next life.

  2. Adri de Zwart - Chiang Mai

    Do not leave spoon/fork/knive/chopsticks in a bowl after your meal. You will loose money from this.
    Flush your toilet with the lid closed to prevent money going down the drain as well.
    Discard accumulated hairs from your shower drain in a bin, flushing the muck through the toilet shows disrespect for your wife, after all it comes from her head and you place it in the most unhygienic place.(my hair ir rather thin)
    Do not give a Thai a present on lottery day. She won’t win a price as she already got something. A way to prevent this is to ask her to pay for it. 1 Baht will do.
    Do not talk about death during a meal. You will soon die.
    Similar, don’t talk about traffic accidents when driving a car.
    Do not wash your socks by putting them over your hands, put soap on them and make movements like you wash your hands. It is a move that invites bad luck.
    An aquarium should contain nine goldfish for good luck.
    Switch off your mobile phone during a thunderstorm as its radiation attracts the lightning. (before mobile phones it was gold – this was hidden under the mattress during thunderstorms)
    Do not keep a broom higher than your head.
    After my son was born in 2005, my university graduated wife did not leave the house for 3 weeks. She gave the heating up after 3 days as she could not stand it anymore, I could show my son after about a week to all people around and bring him to the market, but she stayed inside as it was advised by her sisters.
    I won’t want to get too personal but when my mother in law died after a horrible sickbed of 3 months it was declared that this was her punishment for having killed fish, chickens, frogs, snails, insects etc. for all the food she prepared.
    Finally a funny one: do not collect half full pots/bottles of the same stuff together in one pot/bottle. Especially squeezing toothpaste from one tube into another is a bad omen.