Cars sold in Thailand

I mentioned a few days ago about the cars seen on the road here in Thailand. Many of them are brand new though in the last few years I have seen a growing market for secondhand cars. Today I want to show you what the most popular cars are that are being sold in Thailand. These figures are for the period January-May 2005.

Total Sales:

Pickups 174,303 units
Cars 74,268 units
SUVs 16,539 units
Others* 17,366 units
TOTAL 282,476 units

* bus truck and van

Top 10 Car Sales:

1. Toyota (38,150 units)
2. Honda (19,294 units)
3. Mitsubishi (3,787 units)
4. Nissan (3,413 units)
5. Chevrolet (3,025 units)
6. Mazda (2,375 units)
7. Benz (1,915 units)
8. BMW (745 units)
9. Ford (582 units)
10. Volvo (298 units)

Pickup Sales:

1. Isuzu (66,389 units)
2. Toyota (59,402 units)
3. Mitsubishi (12,942 units)
4. Nissan (12,937 units)
5. Chevrolet (9,879 units)
6. Ford (8,172 units)
7. Mazda (4,582 units)

SUV Sales

(1) Toyota (11,970 units)
(2) Isuzu (1,326 units)
(3) Ford (1,185 units)
(4) Honda (765 units)
(5) Mitsubishi (378 units)
(6) Mazda (371 units)
(7) Sukuki (169 units)

The most popular vehicle in Thailand is Toyota with a 40.3% share of the market. Follwed by Isuzi (25.6%), Honda (7.1%), Mitsubishi (6.4%) and Nissan (6.2%). Last year, 626,000 vehicles were bought domestically and 333,000 vehicles were exported. The government hopes that by the year 2010, Thailand will be producing 1.8 million vehicles a year for domestic use and export.

Here are some price guidelines:

Camry 2.0 E A/T – 1,135,000 Bht
Camry 2.4 Q Navigator – 1,605,000 Bht
Wish 2.0 S Auto – 1,102,000 Bht
Corolla 1.6 J M/T – 685,000 Bht
Corolla 1.8 G A/T – 984,000 Bht
Soluna 1.5 J M/T – 467,000 Bht
Soluna 1.5 S Auto Sporty – 648,000 Bht
Land Cruiser Prado – 3,599,000 Bht
Crown – 3,800,000 Bht
Celica – 2,445,000 Bht

6 responses to “Cars sold in Thailand

  1. Richard Smith

    No price breaks here, I notice.

  2. Looking at the figures of how many cars were sold during the last 4 months together with the price of the cars, it looks that the Thais are having very good incomes because they can afford to buy those cars.

  3. Kitjar Na Bangsar

    Wadee krab,

    I am currently writing on theMalaysian car industry, and having met the twin TMs (Tun Mahathir and Tengku Mahaleel), both cite pride for having a national car industry here!

    Can you tell us more on how the Thais are mananging the automotive industry?

    Are there Thais who are happy with the current local participation of the industry? Is there pride for the automotive industry?

    Do you think Thais are proud that among their 1.8 million vehicles, none are made by a Thai-owned company?

  4. I wonder if you are aware that recently Tengku Mahaleel has been rapped by the Proto board fro criticising the Malaysian Government policy on National car? Mahathir came to his rescue 2 days ago. Apparently the third national car (Naza which in fact is Kia) owned by the son-in-law of a minister created a lot of heat for Proton. There are accusations of that local content of 18% is not sufficient to be labelled a National car. Dr M also claimed that there is under declaration of cost of car to evade duties. For more interesting stories, please read or and if you read Chinese

  5. If you look at the price of the 1.6 litter corolla, that seems quite reasonable, probably does not have a heater thought, I presume it wood have air-conditioning thought.
    In Australia the base model corolla comes with a 1.8 liter engine air-conditioning, a heater, standard steal wheels, 2 airbags and optional automatic transmission for a price close to the 685,000 bath mark, but on road costs are not included in that price. Cars seem to be one of the few things that are a little more expensive in Thailand, than Australia.
    Sporty car’s in Thailand presumably must have a huge amount of Tax on them, because the cost of that Toyota Celica at 2,440,000 baht, is ridicules. This car which is basically just a front wheel drive Corolla with a sporty 2 door body shell attached and an advanced valve lift designed engine head attached to the 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. For the same price in Australia you could buy the just re-least rear wheel drive, like a proper sports car e90 325i BMW with a 6 cylinder 2.5 liter engine, full leather interior, alloy’s, 6 speed auto transmission, sunroof, 6 airbags, traction control ABS breaks for the same price. Now if I was to live in the USA, where cars are ultra cheap, I could possibly buy 2 Celica’s for that price.

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