Wishes that come true

There is a Buddha on the corner of an intersection in Bangkok, next to a posh hotel. The hotel made the shrine to appease bad Karma. I do not, unfortunately, remember the whole story on how this shrine came to be.

This place has become famous for wishing. An urban legend. If you go and pray at this shrine, and ask for a wish. Your wish will shall come true. An offering for this wish is made at this time. If your wish does come true. On your next visit to Thailand, you must go to the shrine to give your thanks and the offering promised.

I have gone to this shrine and prayed. I wished to Marry the girl I was dating at the time. I got my wish. The next time I went to Thailand, I went with my wife and my offering.

If you do not go back and pay your respects and fulfill the bargain. The promise shall go back on you ten fold.

I am not sure if I believe in all the urban legends, or scary stories that adult tell us. Though what does it hurt to believe in some.

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