Crispy Pancakes – Khanom Buang

This is a nice snack you often see being cooked by the side of the road. It is called khanom buang ( ขนมเบื้อง ).It looks a bit like Mexican tacos but the taste is of course very different. The pictures here were taken near Paknam market.

It looks simple but I assure you that it is harder than it looks. First he spread a batter mix onto the hot plate. When this was just starting to set, he then spread on top a generous helping of coconut cream.

He then placed on top of this a variety of different toppings. One version has shredded coconut and golden threads. This is made from strips of egg yolk. It is the lighter orange mixture. Another version has shredded coconut and either coriander or chopped spring onions. In the photos you can see a darker orange mixture which is in fact shredded coconut with a colouring agent.

Try some the next time you are next in Thailand. They are very tasty.

10 responses to “Crispy Pancakes – Khanom Buang

  1. you know what , it seems like everything is showing that we got such a small world.
    I’m from Paknam but right now I’m not in Thailand. I know the man who makes that crispy pancakes. I know her wife as well.

    I just have no idea. The picture gives me many pictures in Paknam market. I miss Thailand so bad.

    thanks for the pictures.

  2. Looks so yummy!!!
    Yes, definitely, will try it when I visit Thailand again.

  3. These are one of my favorite deserts. I could probably eat 20 of these in a row, though I’ve tried eating more. Result=GUT ROT. There fabulous. It too makes me miss Thailand. But a lot does. Thanks Richard for always showing these fabulous pictures of food.

  4. Hi Richard,

    It is yummy. I miss ‘kaow Lam’, too (sticky rice in bamboo).

  5. The last two times I’ve been to Thailand I’ve (happily) lost weight from the heat and an almost 100% Thai diet. When I go this September I’m going armed with all of your food blogs and I’m sure I’ll return having added a few pounds!!!!

  6. I love your food blogs!

  7. Richard, send me some of those.
    I visited Thailand couple years ago. I ate some.
    They are real tasty. I miss it.

  8. Khanom buang is my favorite dessert whenever I go to HatYai. I’ll be visiting Chiang Mai this November. Do you know where in Chiang Mai can I get khanom buang? Thanks!

  9. Hi! You are all right, this tastes really good! I love sweets myself. Would you know the name of this food. It is similar to this one only it is bigger and looks like a crepe that is folded into a fan shape. You can choose to put honey and banana or chocolates in it. I tried it in Platinum mall. Tastes equally great too.

  10. I really really really LOVE this food ‘Khanom Buang’. I ate them when I was in Bangkok 10+ years ago. Never knew the name, now I do, thanks to Richard. I want to actually make it! BUT do not have a recipe. PLEASE, please please any one, let me know the actual recipe. Thanks!