Thailand Facts and Figures

Ancient City in Samut Prakan

For students who are doing a project about Thailand, and for those of you, like myself, who are fascinated by statistics, here are a few facts and figures about Thailand.

Total area: 514,000 sq km
– water: 2,230 sq km
– land 511,770 sq km

Land boundries: total 4,863 km
– Burma 1,800 km
– Cambodia 803 km
– Laos 1.754 km
– Malaysia 506 km

Coastline: 3.219 km

Land use:
– arable land: 29.36%
– permanent crops: 6.46%
– other 64.18%

Irrigated land: 47,490 sq km
– waterways: 4,000 km

Ports and harbours:
Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Pattani, Phuket, Sattahip, si Racha, songkhla

Airports: 109

Hospitals: 1.392 (Bangkok 171, provinces 1,221)
– government hospitals – 919 (93,493 beds)
– private hospitals – 473 (40,523 beds)

Population: 65,444,371
– 0-14 years: 15,621,934 (23.9%)
– 15-64 years: 44,927,392 (68.6%)
– 65 years and over: 4,895,045 (7.5%)

Median age: 30.88 years

Population growth rate: 0.87%

Birth rate: 15.7/1,000 population

Death rate: 7.02/1,000

Infant mortality rate: 20.48/1,000 live births

Life expectancy at birth: 71.57 years
– Male: 69.39
– Female: 73.88

5 responses to “Thailand Facts and Figures

  1. Useful information, Richard, what year are these stats for? 2004?

  2. I’m quite curious, since Bangkok is one of the city that having the worse traffic jam in this world, I would like to know the statistic of how many cars are there in Bangkok, how many new cars are launch on the road every year, and how many cars do a family owned.

  3. I don’t have a clue how many cars roam the streets of Bangkok but i have read that there are a fantastic 100,000 taxis!

  4. > how many new cars are launch on the road
    > every year, and how many cars do a family owned

    Cars in Bangkok ??? Thai people are supposed to be very poor. So no cars, or not a lot, there.

    As a tourist I’m supposed to be rich, more rich than thai people. But when I have a look at the price of the cars sold in Thailand I sure can’t afford to buy one there.

    And thai people still overcharge me for anything I buy, because I’m supposed to be rich !

  5. if you are welling to see the beatiful places of Thailand just visit their place there u can see lots of bounty