My “Extraordinary” Neighbor ver. 3

Here I am again with my neighbors’ story lol! It’s still at the same place but not present generation..

There were at least five people in their family, the mother, the father and some more teenagers. We (My mum and I) barely talked to them (Unlike my granny, she talked to them every single day!) but they seemed to be nice. They never caused any unneccessary loud noises. Also, there was no babies crying and screaming at night, only a little lovely dog.

A few months later, it was long New Year holiday time! My family didn’t plan to do anything that special, we were just going to travel around Europe and spent small amounts of money, around a million dollars only, JK! :p Actually, we did nothing except walking our legs off around our own place (so big that even a rat cannot comfortably move lol)! It’s just that my family don’t like places filled with people.. we like to go on vacation and partake all the calmness and beauty of the nature by our own selves. Accidents are easily occured during long holiday time in Thailand (everywhere, I think) as well so we always choose to stay at home..

On the other hand, from my granny’s report, my neighbors next door were going to the beautiful city in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai. Lucky them 🙂 They all got on the pick-up and left one night. The whole house was quiet and every door was locked.

A few days later, as a break of the night’s silence, we heard a dog keep baying and baying..shriller and shriller. IT happened again the next night and the next night.. I admit it petrified me but the noise was so close, I wondered if it was the dog next door and if it was hurt or anything..

Next day, around midday, we heard something hitting our wall over and over, harder and harder. Some barks and some bays again.. that was weird, totally weird, my granny went to check it out next door but nothing she could see and could do because all the doors of the house next door were locked.

A week later, one guy came to my house. He was standing outside, calling my granny or if anyone is here. I checked him out from the window and found his face with big contusion.. my granny went out to talk to him and then they went into the house and helped the dog out. Right, it was this dog making many scary noises.

Well, what had happened was during their journey, they had an accident. Everyone died except this guy. He’s alive with some wounds. He stayed in the hospital for days then he remembered that they had left the dog in the house. They thought they’d be back within a few days and the dog would be fine. The dog ate all the food, pooed everywhere, the sofa was all torn and there were some scratch on the door. The dog must be hungry and in need of somebody to take care of so he went violent like that.

This guy told my granny that he would stay with his cousin in somewhere North-East and he would bring the dog with him. This story has been something that my family will remember for eternity.. we never can trust anything on earth and in life. Once again, stuff does happen and we never know what’s next.

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