Thai Fishermen catch 646-Pound Fish

Thai fishermen caught a 646-pound catfish believed to have been the world’s largest freshwater fish ever recorded. The 8.9 feet Mekong giant catfish was netted May 1 by villagers in Chiang Khong, a remote district in northern Thailand.

The Mekong giant catfish — which shares the title of largest freshwater fish with a close relative, the dog-eating catfish — was listed as endangered in 2003 after research showed its numbers had fallen by at least 80 percent over the past 13 years. Fishermen believe the catfish species has been declining largely because of dams and environmental damage along the Mekong River — home to more species of giant fish than any other river.

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  1. but is it good eating

  2. However, it’s skin is quite chewy. Thai and Lao fishermen at the Mekong border try their luck catching one on alternate days during the season. There is a competition between the two “teams”, about the number and size of fish caught. Looks like the Thai side won this time. :p

    By the way, the Thai name for this fish is ปลา บึก , or “strong fish”, while the scientific community refers to it as Pangasianodon gigas. 🙂

    You can see some more pictures on a Thai website. Beware; some of the images are quite gruesome!

    Nice pic.

  3. I saw this one today in the news also. It’s said that this fish brings good luck when it’s eaten but I feel sorry for it.

  4. It probably brings “good luck” when caught as, I understand, “pla buk” sells, for up to B400 a Kilo !
    (B117454.55 max in this particular case !)
    I have also heard the Thai Fishery Department has a project to try and increase the dwindling numbers.

  5. I wonder also about the taste of such a large catfish. Incredible catch. Congratulations!

  6. If it means good luck…. then considering the size og that fish this must mean an abundance of goog luck for so many years to come:-) Wow look at that thing

  7. Oh my… what a big catfish!!! pretty scary if I see it in real life.

  8. Never seen such a big CATfish! Does it attack people like shark?

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  11. I LOVE FISH!!!!

  12. arroy mak mak roy pla yai yai
    imagine that on a fishing pole, nice

  13. As the article says these fish are an endangered species and the Thai locals would knoe this better than anyone. The large ones are the female breeders which are vital for the species survival. What sort of knucklehead would you have to be to kill such an amazing animal and for what, a photograph? If it were up to me I’d serve these people with a prison sentence instesd of a fish dinner !

  14. Heck,for some poor Thai fisherman, catching a big plaa buk is like winning the lottery! I have heard that the Chinese built dams upstream on the tributaries of the Mekong River are the main cause of the decline of these fish. If I caught one, I would release it unharmed.

  15. Richard—Thanks, that took care of it. FYI, when I tried to respond to yr email I cdnt, sd service not awailable. Same thing happened when I tried thanking you a feew weeks ago, Probably my computor…

  16. By the way about 150 yrs ago someone caught one of these fish and sent the bones to the British Museum. It was then thought unique. Cant remember the name or where I read this.

  17. Man that’s one groovy cat!

  18. i wonder what consumes those fish… if they get that big, something bigger should eat them as is nature.