Learn Thai for Free

I know many people visiting these blogs are also trying to learn Thai. This is not always that easy if you are studying alone or just from books. In association with Sriwittayapaknam School, we will now be giving you some weekly lessons in the “radio blog” section to the right. You will see the playlist on the front page of thai-blogs.com Just choose which lesson you want to learn. More lessons will be added later.

15 responses to “Learn Thai for Free

  1. This is really great !!!

    Thank you, Richard… hopefuly, I can manage to pronounce the Thai words better than before with this “radio blog” lessons.

  2. Excellent -speech is clearer than the Linguaphone CD I have. Will we be able to access “back numbers” of these radio blogs as with the normal blogs?

  3. Thank you, Richard! This is a great, innovative idea, adding another dimension to this already excellent blogging site. I see much potential in the “radio blog”. 🙂

    But the way it is used now, doesn’t it just duplicate some of the already existing features of learningthai.com? For instance, there is a days of the week tutorial on the website, complete with native speech and pictures.

    With unique content, the radio blog could be a prominent feature that could make thai-blogs.com stand out from the crowd. 🙂

  4. Thanks for all your comments so far. It is early days at the moment and we are not sure which direction it will go. Obviously we will have to monitor affects on daily bandwidth consumption. Although Thai-blogs.com is not our most expensive site to run it is certainly in the top 5.

    We will also be developing this idea at our sister site – Thai Student Blogs – where the students will be recording some of their blogs instead of writing them.

    I think an overlap between this new project and our other sister site at learningthai.com is inevitable. Obviosuly we would like our content here to be unique but visitors to both sites would want to learn much the same. I think the difference is in how it is delivered.

  5. Richard,

    I couldn’t/can’t find a Radio Blog section on the right. There’s getting to be a lot of stuff–albeit good stuff–to scroll through. Maybe it’s even on a different webpage somewhere. Suggestions?


  6. Mr Brad – Hi. You say you cant find the radio blog. Do you have “Flash” installed ?
    If you are you seeing a little square with a circle ,a triangle and a square in it (or similar) on the index page at the right, then you need to install it from here.
    Hopefully that is your problem – dont mean to be insulting if this is too simple a suggestion of what the prob may be.

  7. Thank you Richard for your help and suggestions wtih my almost hopeless quest to learn something about the Thai language, but shouldn’t it in English be written Sri Wittana School”

    I graduated in California from a school called North High California, Riverside Ca.

    Do I call this place northhighcaliforniariversideca?

    No, I do not.

    Words need to be separated.

    Nicht wahr?


  8. Is there a written transcipt of what is said? Great idea. My wife is trying to learn the language.

  9. Actually, forget what I said. The first 2 with the numbers and the day of the week, are very clear. Its the family that I heard first. Either way. Its really good.

  10. MrBradUSA, the radio blog is only on the front page at the moment. You won’t see it if you clicked a link to this topic from the forum. It is just below the small banner for the Thai Student Blogs (it has a Thai flag on the banner).

  11. I agree with you Carl that some schools have really long names which could be broken up to make it easier. In theory, our school name is “sri-wittaya-paknam”. The first part is the first three letters of the family that own the school. Wittaya is used in many educational names. Paknam (or should it be Pak Nam?) is the name of the city.

    So, I think the first part should be Sriwittaya. However, we also need to include “paknam” because there is another school here called Sriwittaya which is in Paknam. We are Sriwittayapaknam in Paknam. If you are going to go round splitting up words where do you draw the line? Should we say Bang Kok? That is what it should be. Then, on the other hand, I think more people write Chiang Mai rather than Chiangmai!

  12. Yep, it’s there; I was just not looking on the right page.

  13. Richard Smith

    The young person who is giving these lessons is doing a wonderful pronunciation of English. It is fun just listening to him speak.

  14. “Lesson 01 – Shopping” is now on the radio blogs. This was recorded by 13 year old Weerawan Kaewnum.

  15. Good afternoon. I cannot believe that the inscrutable universe turns on an axis of suffering; surely the strange beauty of the world must somewhere rest on pure joy!
    I am from Zealand and also now’m speaking English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “Need two vials of flea drops to ensure their entire body is provided with flea protection.”

    With respect ;-), Casey.