Overseas food

Thailand has been overcome by the influence of Japanese culture since the end of last decade. The debate I want to discuss today is about the growth of Japanese food in Thailand. Clearly, Japanese food has overtaken all other oversea foods available here. In nearly everywhere you go there are Japanese restaurants. Some of the foods which are available and Thai are interested in are German, Chinese, Laos etc.

These days, most department store restaurants are not Thai restaurants. Thai restaurants are not very popular because most of the Thai food is available in local markets. Today, I went to Zen Japanese restaurant in Siam Center. I’ve been there a couple of times already. However, my last time was last year when I was back here in Bangkok. The amount of customers hasn’t changed much. These days, the majority of customers are University and High School students. Zen is an expensive Japanese restaurant compare to other Japanese restaurants available. Fuji, however, is a cheaper Japanese restaurant and the number of these restaurants have increased dramatically. Fuji is the largest Japanese restaurant you can find in Thailand. Also, there are other kinds of Japanese restaurants available in forms of Ramen (noodles), Sushi, Shabu Shabu etc. The restaurants which serve these foods are the likes of Oishi Ramen and Shabushi.

German food has become increasingly grown over the past few years. This is because the birth of a famous beer brewery restaurant on Rama 3 road. There has been a huge demand of German sausages and beer since then. However, German food is not as popular as Japanese food. Thai people prefer to eat Japanese food more because it has the Asian taste and it is not served in a huge proportion like German food.

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