A Fainted Commuter

Yesterday, I missed my bus at 6am because I stayed up too late the night before (because somebody was feeling bad and needed some comfort :p). I quickly had my breakfast and left my home sweet home. I walked fast to find a taxi motorcycle in order to get to the top of my soi and catch a bus after that. While I was walking, one “black” cat emerged on the wall so close to my left shoulder – -“. I was shocked of course but still, I didn’t think it would bring any bad luck for me so I just kept walking.

When I got on the motorcycle, I didn’t know why we had to be there behind the big lorry emitting tons of polluted smoke ~ ~”. And when I could catch a bus, there were no seats left..”Ah man, Samutprakarn to Bkk isn’t that near” but I sort of believed in myself so I stood confidently. I did that in virtue of some too self-confident reasons like I’m pretty tough, I always get the highest scores in P.E. class and I’m a sports lover. After passing some stops, the bus’ spaces started to be filled with heaps of people.. I began to see how it wasn’t my day clearly.

Finally, the bus could be on the express way, “Yeah, BoW! You’re arriving soon!!” but I felt more and more like I had no more spaces to stand on. I almost had to stand on the tip of my toes! A while later, my lips were dried, my throath was sore, my sight was full of lots of green and orange colors, people kept sighing like they had too much air to breathe, my knees were weak..weaker and weaker then “ZAP!!” I fell onto the floor.

Right, I fainted. I, myself, was the fainted commuter. Luckily, the girl in the seat next to me helped me up. The guy standing behind me held my school bags for me. That girl gave me some kind of liquid camphor and offered me a lemon toffy. She also shared a half of her seat with me 🙂 I was glad that I wasn’t neglected and I could be better and able to breathe properly again at last.

I arrived at school late that day and I kinda suffered from some more irritating things..Guess it was a real bad day then hehe.

I remember I used to offer my seat to some fainted lady on the bus around a year ago, too. I think I was relieved yesterday because of deeds I did.

Well, like what Thai people believe, deeds do affect.

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