More Satellite Pictures

I think it was back in April that I shared with you some screen grabs I took from a program called keyhole. It was a trial version of a program that allows you to view satellite pictures of Thailand and the rest of the world. The full program is quite expensive but you can get a limited trial for free. I think it was about that time that google bought up this company. The good news is that you can now view the satellite pictures on google for free without having to download any software.

The entire country is not covered yet. I have given you a few screenshots below for you to use as starting points and then links so that you can go off exploring from that point.

Huamark Stadium in Bangkok – zoom and pan

Chatuchak Weekend Market – zoom and pan

Phuket with Phi Phi on the right – zoom and pan

Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayutthaya – zoom and pan

Namleuk Port west of Rayong – zoom and pan

Have fun exploring Thailand from the air. If you find any more interesting places, then post the links in the comments section.

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