My first teaching experience

Last Friday (17th June, 2005) was the day I will never forget. I got to teach for the first time in my life! At the age of 19, I never thought that I would be able to actually pass on my knowledge to the young students.

It was Richard’s class where I took the lesson from one of the senior teacher. The kids were very patient with me as I strived through my nerves. If it wasn’t if they were the top class, my work would prove to be much harder. I did not realize that kids at the age of 12 knew how to use MSN messenger. I remember when I first used a computer was when I was about 10 years old. Back then, MSN wasn’t so popular, but it was the golden age of ICQ. Nowadays, most of the kids know how to play these programs. Most of them are keen on playing online games which I never experienced when I was their age. The technology has become very advanced and very influential. It was one aspect that I could keep up the attention. There was one period where I think I lost them. I remember when I was a student in one of these classrooms, me and my friends always chat when teachers teaches. Now, I know how hard it is to keep these students focus. I was quite fortunate because having to be a teenager myself, I can express myself as a friend more than a teacher. Though, they still have to respect me in a teacher’s sense but outside, I can be their friends. I also happen to know and played a lot of online games they’ve been playing. So, I use that knowledge to attract their attention.

After that day, I have been assisting teachers in order to teach grade 5 & grade 6 students writing diaries and things that they’re interested. These links can be found at . However, everything is in Thai language. Soon, the class I taught will be writing their own blogs in English. That is what I taught them about. I taught them how to brainstorm whenever they want to write an essay or anything they wish to write. It is one thing I learnt when I first studied abroad. My teachers always emphasize about brainstorming and how efficient it could be in influencing the outcome. So, I want these students to start before it is too late. Most of the English blogs I want them to focus on is their diaries. They’ve been doing well in Thai and I’m sure most of them can express it well in English. Next step would be to write something unique. It is very difficult to express special occasions or activities even in your mother language, let alone your second.

Yesterday, I also went to watch Thai boxing at Rachadumnern boxing arena. It was one of the biggest boxing nights in the decade. Gate receipt income was a little over 2 million baht. There were many great fights throughout the night. I experienced a boxer being knocked down by the opposition’s elbow. He went down to the ground and was sent to the hospital. It looked very serious. However, news this morning states that he is fine. He wasn’t moving at all at the time. The main event was very entertaining as the boxer who received the best Muay Thai award was in action. However, he lost because his opposition was much better. I usually go to the arena once a month. I will get some pictures on my next visits.

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