More Thai Sayings

Ringing the bells at Wat Phra Phuttabat in Saraburi Province for good luck

A few days back, I shared with you some Thai Sayings and asked you to match the Thai with the English. Due to popular demand, here is another list for you to try:

(1) Taking over-ripe coconuts to sell to the coconut-grove owner
(2) Snake-headed old man
(3) Big boat in narrow canal
(4) Feeding the elephant but eating its dung
(5) Pulling out intestines for the crow to eat
(6) A crow among swans
(7) A crow with red chili
(8) As sticky as caramel
(9) Mouth of fermented fish
(10) Diamond cuts diamond
(11) The monkey falling out of the tree
(12) Cut off the crab’s legs
(13) A mountain behind a hair
(14) Top of the coconut milk
(15) Saying the words with a Buddha image in your mouth

a) Dark complexion with bright dresses
b) Corruption; swindling; fraudlent
c) Carrying coals to Newcastle
d) The best piece
e) An eye for an eye
f) Telling other people family secrets
g) The bad among the good
h) Easy solution to a problem
i) Very stingy
j) To err is human
k) Showing off one’s virtue and merit
l) Ill-spoken
m) Undermining someone
n) A has-been who cannot accept he is no longer rich or important
o) An old man who likes to seduce young girls

Post your answers as comments.

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