Meeting Once “For Real”

“Never play hide & seek in the evenings or at nights”, said oldsters. I’m sure every Thai people know that saying especially kids who try to sneak out to play with kids around neighborhood after the sun already sets, “Do not go to play hide&seek, OK?” or “Come back here!” when being caught.

I so loved going out to play with other kids my age when I was still in Primary school. The thing we loved to play the most was cooking (flowers and rocks collected from the ground) and jumping across rubber bands’ rope. We did other creative things as well like collecting our japanese comic books al-together, let others rented and gained some money 😀

One day, my friends asked me to play hide and seek with them. I said “yes” without thinking. I mean, I liked playing it and it was still at noon, I didn’t break any promises to my mum or didn’t break any old beliefs.

There were unfinished houses being built behind my house so we went to play it there. It was lunchtime so all workers went out to eat. First turn, I was one of those to hide. I accompanied with one friend, Kwang, to find some place to hide together. We ran houses to houses and at last, we found a perfect place. We were hiding behind the door near the stairs there..after a while, noone came so we got out and saw one worker sitting in front of us in that room.

That person was sitting doing something and turned the back to us. It must be a she because she had a long long hair down. She had an old farmer’s hat.. I, as always, liked to greet neigbors there~ I did!

“Hey, sorry if we’re interrupting your work or anything, lady”

Before I could open my mouth to say other words like how her work was going today and stuff…

That person turned her head to us.. with an odd smile like normal human beings wouldn’t have.. it was a wide..wide enough to reach her ears ~ her face was all green.

“MuMMMMMM!!!!!!!~!” We ran out of that place as fast as we could. The distance seemed to be so far away. I accerelated my speed but I felt like it was getting slower, slower and slower. Finally, we could get out and it was like the new world I had been away from it for a long long time.

“Kwang! You saw what I did?”
“Bow, … I hope I’ll wake up and find myself in my bed soon”

It’s been almost 10 years since that scence visited my life. I don’t know if it was for real or I just imagined it but my friends got the same picture as I did. Would the picture come out exactly the same?It’s still right here everytime I try to close my eyes at night.. If happened to you, could you deny it?

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