Last Trip with Grade 12’s Friends – At Ayuddhaya!

If anybody was walking past my school on Friday 17th, June, you would have noticed big buses lining up in a long long que. Well, it was buses waiting for us , my friends and me!! All grade 12’s students at my school were about to go on an educational trip to Ayuddhaya.

It was the last trip for all of us to go al-together in our school uniform so noone refused to go. I felt sad it’s the last trip but I hoped inside that it was definitely the last coz if I would have one more with all friends like that, that means I’ll have to repeat grade 12 once again.

At 7.30 on the dot, all the wheels started to be in motion. No waiting for anyone who hadn’t arrived yet.. I had seen a few friends waiting somewhere the buses were moving past. They were late but teachers have never been too cruel, we stopped and picked them up 🙂 On the highway to Ayuddhaya, songs started to be sung.. it should be ‘started to be played’ ~ but the radio was out of order so we sang crazily instead. We played games called “FM-AM” by dividing all of us into two teams. One team had to be FM and had to sing modern songs. On the other hand, the AM team had to sing “Country” songs. It was so fun. After a while, throats were already dried so we continued eating and drinking (water) instead. Drinking too much gave me needs to go to the toilet. Luckily, there was a toilet there on the bus. I quickly got into it.. “1..2..3..!! cannot – -“” “Again, …cannot” I tried to lock the door for a long while but it seemed like it wouldn’t work but I couldn’t let it be like that coz friends sitting in front of the toilet were all guys! ~ ~” At last, I could 🙂 After I finished, I tried hard to find some water. There was none, AT ALL!!! OMG!! Nothing, I could do so I told my guy friends there to stop others to go in and use it then. – -”

Finally, we arrived at the first place, Jao Sampraya Museum. It was a museum full of both historic and historical stuff like golden flat buddhist’s engraving and etc. Also, Jao Sampraya was one of the 33 kings in Ayuddhaya Dynasty.

Next was historical center. There were Ayuddhaya maps and other ancient things like the first place. It was such a good place to study about historicity.

Then we went to Ancient Palace. We took lots of pictures there because there were lots of ruined pagodas and brick walls. It was like present-day Palaces in Bkk because Palaces in Bkk copied those palaces in Ayuddhaya especially Wat Pra Kaew where the emerald buddha stays is quite similar to Wat Pra Sri Sun Petch there in Ayuddhaya. Both have big big glades to make King’s significant traditional ceremonies. After the all contentment, time to shop!! There were lots of old ladies running after us just to sell some desserts. “Help me, please. I haven’t had breakfast yet because lacking money” or “Assist oldsters, you will acheive some good things in life” and etc. were those ladies’ persuasions. We were touched by their words so we bought a lot.

After we left that place, we had lunch at Krung Sri River Hotel. Good food, good place, good service and good toilets there so I suggest if anyone is visiting Ayuddhaya, don’t forget to stop by :p

And the last was Bang Pa-In Palace, the most famous place to visit in Ayuddhaya 🙂 I enjoyed taking pictures with my friends there because it was so huge and attractive. Our queen Sirikit still goes visiting and staying at that place from time to time.

I admit that I didn’t get most of knowledgeable details from this trip for so many reasons. There were too many people surrounding a few guides plus it was the last trip with my friends so we enjoyed spending time taking pictures with one another a lot more. But one important thing I’ve learned is that all those ancient ruins are completely ruined and old. Some look terrible but why do we go seeing them? Why are they that interesting for Thai people and foreigners to see them for real?? One perfect reply is that those ruins are historic. They’re our background. The older they get, the more important they are because they were once our prosperous capital city. This implies the truth of our lives; When we die, there might be some parts of us left like bones and ashes or may be left none. That makes us easily forgettable but if during our lifetime, we’ve done such good things for our planet earth’s friends and our societies, our names will still be stated everywhere although we are dead for years already. Just like all those ruins, if they were just some soil or ants on the floor, they wouldn’t be this famous or worth to see in real, but because they were something “memorable” in the past, that’s how we still go visiting it.

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