When Cricket Strikes

The first apartment cricket chirped happily on this perfect, California summer solstice night. It reminded me of the chorus of frogs and toads just after the rain, even in the heart of Bangkok.

The cricket has been at it for the past 10 minutes. Damn. That’s one happy cricket!

Can’t say the same for me. I would need an army of frogs, a whiff of fresh air after the rain, and a huge serving of Thai omelet with oyster, Gang Jued Ba-shaw Tamlung (broth with seasoned ground pork and a local Thai vine vegetable), and Mangoes with sticky rice to cure my homesickness.

There is still no solid plan formed yet for my visit home. The February plan has been put on hold at this point. But we shall see.

In the meantime, I just have to hang out with my own thoughts. Oh, yeah. And the cricket.

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