I’m Back in Thailand

Interesting use of English! – More Thai road signs can be found at www.learningthai.com/photoalbum

Thailand must be one of the hottest countries on earth! I’ve been here almost 3 weeks now and been so lazy producing blogs. However, I think it is time that I start from now. I’ve been dying to produce blogs since I arrived back in Thailand but there has been so much to catch on up after 10 months of my absence. So, I would like to start with my first day since arriving.

London to Bangkok was a 12 hour flight. It wasn’t very comfortable as there were many people on board. However, it is quite good to travel at night because you get to sleep most of the time. Once the plane arrived in Bangkok, my feelings were very awkward as the weather was so much different at the time. Even though it was extremely hot in London a couple of days before I departed, the humidity here was greatly differentiated.

First couple of days were quite different as I got to drive to wherever I wanted again. Also, everything here is very cheap compared to items in England. For the first time in 2 months, I got to eat wealthy food again. My last 2 months in London was terrible. I hardly ate because I needed to study for my exams. I also had to submit a bunch of work.

After a week, I figured out that I wanted to use my free time to the most effective way. So, I decided to invest in the stock market. I’ve been using my mother’s account for the investment. So far, I’ve been making a bit of money from investing in the stocks I buy. I decided to invest in the stock market because I wanted to use my knowledge of Finance to make decisions.

I’ve also been watching a lot of cable TV since arriving. I cannot believe how many western movies/series are imported. Thailand is a country populated by non-English speakers but have a huge amount of western TV programs. There are also 6 sports channel which show coverage of Western sports especially European football. What excited me the most was the famous reality TV show, “Big Brother Thailand”. I’ve heard about it since I was in London by some of my Thai friends. There is actually a 24 hour channel monitoring the housemates’ activities. I missed about 2 months of action but from what I heard, it sounds very ridiculous. I mean, Thailand is a country which preserves their own quiet polite traditions. I heard that a couple got voted off because they were holding hands and apparently, slept in the same bed. I mean, how can you judge people from such action. They might deserve the grand prize more than anyone else. Also, it reflects on how people in Thailand think about what teenagers should and should not do.

I’ve also been playing a lot of golf since my arrival. I’m planning to go to Phuket in a couple of weeks but I’m still not a hundred percent certain. However, there are still many comparisons to be made and I’m sure I will come back and tell you what I experienced.

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