Thai Sayings

Praying for good luck at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok

I bought an interesting book today called Thai Sayings. It is aimed at Thai children but it also has translations in English. I thought you might be interested in reading some of them. Just for fun, I have my done my blog today in the form of a quiz.

(1) Chasing grasshoppers on an elephant
(2) In the country where people squint, you must squint too
(3) The old bull with spring grass
(4) Killing an elephant for its tusks
(5) A needle in the sea
(6) Crabs in a flat basket
(7) Mud ball on a pig’s tail
(8) Watering the stump
(9) Peeling a banana to eat
(10) Beautiful tree with a squirrel hole
(11) Putting gold leaf on the back of a Buddha image
(12) Love the cow, tie it up; love the child, beat him up
(13) Chicken inside the fist
(14) Train the crocodile to swim
(15) Don’t buy the cattle at ploughing season

a) Spoiling a big thing for the main purpose
b) A piece of cake
c) Teaching someone who knows how to do already
d) Doing good deed that no-one knows
e) Playful children
f) Some things will never work
g) When in Rome, do as the Romans do
h) Under the absolute power of someone
i) A needle in a hay stack
j) An old man with a young wife
k) Do the right job at the right time
l) Spare the rod, spoil the child
m) A pretty girl with sexual experience
n) Piling up work or debt
o) Overinvesting for a little investment

Have a go at matching the Thai sayings first, if no-one can get it right I will tell you the answers later.

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