Khanom Jaak – Thai Dessert

One of the famous desserts for our province is Khanom Jaak ( ขนมจาก ). I quite often see them selling it down by the market near the jetty for the cross-river ferry. The dessert is prepared inside the leaves of a nipa palm and then roasted over a charcoal fire.

Like anything, there are local variations, but here is a recipe that I managed to get hold off from a local person:

Sticky rice flour (1.5 kilos)
Palm sugar (half a kilo)
2 Shredded coconuts
Salt (2 teaspoons)

As you can see from the pictures, the mixture is spooned onto the leaves of a nipa palm which is then joined together with toothpicks. It is then roasted over a charcoal fire.

A bundle of khanom jaak costs about 20 baht. Now you know what it is, try some the next time you are in Thailand.

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