My “Beloved” Neighbors ver. 1

I’m now living in townhouse and sharing walls with two more houses, one on the left and one on the right. The house on the left is a renting house so there are many families coming in and out a lot and it’s going to be my topic today.

Every night, “Hurray!!!” “Oh, c’mon!!! Can’t you just kick it right there to the goal!?” and some distorted songs going on by those guys..partying, getting drunk or cheering football.

Although, I’ve shut my windows and door and turned my air-conditioned on.. I can still here them like they’re sharing places in my living room. I’ve heard that they bet football, too and when I come home late sometimes..some drunk guys try to talk to me.

There’s nothing serious until one day about two years ago, I was sleeping in my bed coz it was my holiday of a week, Saturday. I heard some yelling from the wife and the husband. They slammed the door and the lady began to yell.. but it was like music..sometimes her voice got up to so high but sometimes was like whisper, “HOW DARE YOU!!! I’VE TRUSTED YOU FOREVER BUT HOW COULD YOU!!!…”
I couldn’t get back to my daydream.. I like listening to others anyway so I walked close to my wall in my room and started to have my left ear ready to listen carefully.
“I NEVER EVER THINK YOU involved with it.. you buy it and sell it yourself..! what if you have to go to the jail!? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AFTER THAT!?”
“I’m sorry but I really cannot deny it. If i did, they would attack me and you know it’s well-paid..selling drugs,” replied the husband.
AHHH!!! Now I know their plot! I stopped listening then began to think..

“Should I tell my mum?..police? friends? teachers? or who!?..maybe, I should have kept it with me forever..should I?”

I kept it for 7 days and still bought some food from this house (the wife cooks some food in front of her house). At last, I couldn’t.. The zip at my mouth was ripped open.. I told my mum. But she agreed to keep it with us ourselves. She doesn’t want to report anything to the police coz harm may come to us if we do.

Anyway, has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Tell us about your neighbors..we’re living in the same world, it’s everybody’s home! We’ve got right to know lol!! Well, let’s share!

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