History of Thai Blogs

Monkeys playing around a Buddha image in Lopburi

The Thai Blogs are now receiving a daily readership of about 2,000-3,000 people. That is pretty good considering we have been online only about five months. I am very pleased with the direction the blogs are taking. We now have a good collection of bloggers from all walks of life. All of them are writing about Thai life and Thai culture from their own unique viewpoint. It is great that we have not only expats writing but also Thai people living abroad and inside Thailand.

As we have so many new people, I thought I would take this opportunity to explain a bit about the background of Thai Blogs and also show how things work around here. The idea about the blogs was first conceived at the All About Thailand Forums in August 2004. It was a good concept but it kind of fizzled out after a while. I was a bit frustrated with the limitations of the blog program. Then our friend Stacker from the forums suggested a free program by b2evolution. I fell in love with it straight away. I sounded out some ideas with SiamJai and we decided to go ahead with a new domain name of thai-blogs.com in January 2005. SteveSuphan was also one of the founding members.

You can look at past blogs by using the calendar which is in the right-hand column. If you click on the month, you will then see all the blogs for that month. If you click on the date, then you will see all the blogs posted on that day. Click on the back arrow and then you will see all the blogs for the previous months.

Below I have provided convenient links for all the months since the blogs started. There is a lot of good information here and it is worthing looking over. I have written over 190 blogs myself. Since January I have been writing nearly every day.

August 2004 | September 2004 | October 2005 | November 2004 | December 2004 | January 2005 | February 2005 | March 2005 | April 2005 | May 2005

On the front page of Thai Blogs, you will see the latest blogs written by all of the bloggers. If you only want to see the blogs of a particular blogger, then click on their name in the top right hand corner. All new bloggers start out in the “Guest Bloggers” section. If you click on my name, for example, you will see that the calendar and archives list has changed. These are now just for me.

At the bottom of each blog, there is a link for “Leave a comment”. As soon as someone has left a comment this then changes to “1 comment”. All bloggers appreciate your feedback as this is what keeps us coming back to write more. If we don’t think anyone is reading the blogs, we wouldn’t write any more! At the top of the page you can see a link for “latest comments” so that you can see what people have been commenting about recently.

We welcome any new bloggers. If you have something to say on the subject of Thailand then please click here.

If you own a web site or belong to a mailing list, then we would be very happy if you could help promote Thai-Blogs.com. Feel free to link to the front page of our web site.

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