Steamed Fish Curry – Haw Mok

You know me, I just love blogging about Thai food. I love cooking Thai food and I love eating Thai food. If I am walking down the market and I see my favourite dish in the distance, I will cross the road just to buy it. That is what I did yesterday afternoon when I spotted haw mok being sold by the side of the road near Paknam Market. I haven’t had this dish for such a long time.

This curry dish can be made with either fish, chicken or pork. I don’t particularly like seafood but I love this dish. (Sorry, I think I said that already.) Anyway, it is quite simple to make. Stir red curry paste with one cup of coconut milk and mix in the fish. Break in an egg and season with fish sauce (I will try and do a blog on sauces soon). Add some more coconut milk and keep stirring and stirring for up to 20 minutes! Then add half a cup of basil leaf, two tablespoons of coriander and one tablespoon of kaffir lime leaves. Stir again.

Next, make cups out of banana leaves. Line the bottom with plenty of basil leaves. Fill the cup with the mixture and then steam for about 15 minutes. Next you add the creamy topping. This is made from coconut milk and rice flour. Sprinkle on top some chopped coriander and a kaffir lime leave. Add a slice red chili for a bit of colour. Steam for a further one minute and then it is ready. Delicious!

You can find this recipe in an excellent cookery book called “Popular Thai Cuisine” published by Sangdad Books.

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