Tears from A Guy T^T

“Sorry, on phone! *URGENT*” I quickly typed to reply everyone who was talking to me on msn and signed out as soon as possible.

“Bow, are you busy??” My friend, Pung, hesitatingly asked.
“Nah not really, what’s up, man?! Wanna buy me some ice-cream again? Well, I love that,” I, without thinking, replied.

*Then I heard a sigh followed by crying sound…
“Why? Am I no good?? Why is it always me to be scolded at everything..over and over?”
“What happened, man?” I asked eagerly.
“Today, I went out to take IELTS placement test in order to be assessed if I could take IELTS course..it was astonishingly tough. What I read was nowhere there in the papers. I was so stressed and I knew I did pretty bad but I was sure if I studied harder, next time, I might pass it,” sputteringly said Pung.
“I was so stressed after it so I went to eat something with friends then came home right away. As soon as I stepped in the house, I was pushed flat on the floor by harsh and rude admonision that was constantly being launched at me,”

“Why are you always like this? Why can’t you come home earlier like others?”
“Why can’t you pass it? Others can do it at the first time”
“Go ahead and play around like you love to do then. Can’t you try at least once in your life to study?! Is it something too much to ask for?”
“Just an easy test, you cannot even pass it.. will there be any chances for you to do or succeed any other things in life!?”
“I’m already too stressed..you’re my son and you’re the oldest. Can’t you care for your own parents for at least a few seconds?!” and etc!!!

Pung cried more and added, “Now I understand why others want to finish high school and go out to live on their own so much.. I get why they all want to leave their parents..Bow, I want to go out..somewhere ~ don’t wanna be in this place any more.. I was about to hold it but it has happened like this a lot lately and today I just cannot help it anymore.. they never listen.”

Well, there’s going to be some new highway here in Samutprakarn and it’ll take lots of houses’ places now, too.. Pung’s house is going to be smashed as well. Their parents are so stressful now so they’re like.. being upset at everything so easily..even Pung’s younger sister (8 or 9 years old only) has to take lots of extra classes, too (it’s because of them hoping to see their children acheive the best).

I wanted to comfort him the most I could.. he thought of me as the first one and called to let it out..he trusted me ~ I should have made him feel better but I felt shocked. I never thought I could see or hear him crying.. when tears come out from a guy, it’s not something small. But I still tried my best, “Nothing I suggest you to do now..I mean, they’re stressed and they’ll not listen. So keep studying a lot harder, ok!? So you can prove it to them and you and go out live your life the way you want.. don’t be so sad, I’m sad when learning my friend’s.. I’ve been through a lot worse, trust me, ok? Now cry the as much as you want..go to sleep tightly and tomorrow, let’s start it all over again 🙂 Be strong, man. I’m always on your side!”

I don’t know about other coutries if children are pressed this much or not. I mean attending governmental universties here is something big. It’s our future. We have to study as much as we can.. like a year ahead or 4 months at least. We’re already stressed with that because of educational system here right now..it’s up and down..right and left..changed all the time and we cannot be assured when it’ll be steady. For parents, despite that, they keep scolding..pressing us – – I know it’s made cuz they care about us but they’ve passed this moment and they know that we need ‘inspiration’, ‘support’, and real ‘care’ more than being scolded, pushed down or even insulted.

There’s no exact solution for this kind of thing but I’m sure there’ll be something that helps it better. To use the half way meet theory, for example; Parents’d better listen and think about kids..give us real ears and real hearts. Also, kids never ever listen to ourselves alone! Care and listen to our parents, too! Discuss with them about what are the best for both..

*Careness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see*

PS. To those who have been questioning me stuff. I’ll try my best to answer soon..just that I’m so busy with my studies right now..I cannot even go visit you guys’ webbies.. but I’ll, I promise!!!

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