Bangkok’s All American Banana Split

At Moong Thong Thani III, there is a very large ice cream parlour. Most of the times it is not crowded and I frequented it on and off, for six months. On the first instance, after some discussion with the boy attending the counter, I could make him understand that I wanted a banana split ice cream. He had a lot of difficulty in understanding English.

Banana split is rather elaborate and it takes some time to prepare. At Bangkok, in addition to the regular ingredients, the parlour used to put boiled corn in it. I relished it on the first occasion.

At every subsequent trip, on seeing me enter the parlour,my host would give a very warm smile and speak aloud,”banana split”. There the matter would end. I was not creative enough to explain that I also liked butter scotch or any of the other variants. Not to give any trouble to my kind host, I accepted the same dessert over and over again.

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