Here comes the first letter

Personally, I prefer letters to emails although I’ve written emails a thousand times more than letters but letters are something special, they’re different from other types of writings.

One thing is that letters are mostly written by hand-writing. It’s what makes the letters alive.. words in there can express the writers themselves and also how they feel about the receivers. For me, whether it’s scribble or neatly elaborated.. I’d love to keep it all coz they’re all special ~ you know, when somebody waste their valuable times to do something for us, that’s extraordinary always, especially ..letters from someone who’s been apart for years or forever like my dad, for instance…

“Korat 26.3.47
Dear my beloved daughter, Bow,
I just sent a letter to your mother this morning after getting out of the hospital. I cannot stop thinking about you, that’s why I’m writing this letter to talk to my intelligent daughter. Your mum told me a lot about you on the phone, I’m so glad and proud to have both son and daughter who are smart. Whenever somebody ask about you two, I can talk to them with pride. I’ve been so devastated, too for doing nothing for you at all other people’s fathers. But I guess things are going better now, after getting in and out of the hospital frequently, I feel like wasting money for nothing. Anyway, I don’t really care about that, having clever kids like you and Bomb, I’m already the luckiest father imaginable. When are you coming to visit grandma and me? I know you want to study abroad badly but graduate high school first, then we’ll talk about it, ok? Reply me back when you are free..
Good luck, honey

That was the first tangible..and touchy letter from unexpected person in my life. My father also sent a butterfly in a frame plus cute words at the back of it along with that letter. I always felt like doing this to butterflies or other kinds of insects were pretty cruel.. I was never interested in butterflies’ beauty before but somehow this one is the most gorgeous stiffen butterfly ever!

To Nong Bow, my beloved daughter..Daddy Tum

I didn’t know it that letter was real from the bottom of his heart or not..but my mum’s reaction seemed to be quite negative. She refused it, laughed at it ..even put it away negligently. But what came to my mind, my heart and my spirit first wasn’t thinking or wondering about the letter but tears..pouring out like they wouldn’t stop. I never appeared in those scenes of soap operas, that’s why I had few negative feelings about him, by the way.

However, I’ve never been more proud than being me.. being my parents’ child.. being born on this Thai land and being Thai myself and am sure I’ll never be. Whatever had happened or you guys had done, all I can say is I thank you all because it’s had made today.

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