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Siamese Pixie Store

If you remember my Durian post, you may remember my talking about making my online store into a fundraising store.

Alas, the Siamese Pixie Store re-opens. Well, sort of. I have a few departments of the store opened, and am still working on the rest.

The Thai Redcross Society is the first charity of choice to benefit from Siamese Pixie Store because it is one organization that will affect a wide range of people. And also, I’m partial to the TRS because it is one of the Crown Princess Maja Chakri Sirindhorn’s supported organization. Whatever project she puts her hands on will always get my support.

The rule with CafePress is that they will only send a check to me when I reach $25 in sales. Once we reach that amount, I will make an online donation straight to the TRS. All the “customers” will be notified. And then we’ll move on to another organization.

At this point, I have -$8 balance as a result of a returned item a few years ago. Once I clear that, then we’re off with raising money!

So come on by the Siamese Pixie Store today, and keep returning down the road to see new items!

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