“Impossible I’mpossible”

As the beginning of the year at school, except trying to adapt with new friends from different classes, promising to ourselves to be more hard working, or even losing some weigths we gained from holiday coz meeting friends again and getting ‘hey, you look a bit plumper, don’t you?” as a greeting in the mornings is not something pleasant to hear.. Moreover, we also need new students leaders!

This morning, most of buildings in my school had elections going on. In some (perhaps most) schools in Thailand consist of 5 or 7 parties approximately but my school, we have buildings seperating us instead; one building’s got one color..we use this thingy for some competitions in school like sports day. There were three contestants who wanted to be the president of my building. The first two are guys and the other one’s a girl, Nok, from my class. I was asked to help presenting her in each class since yesterday and two more periods this morning. I used to be student’s committee’s presenter last year..that’s why ‘speaking’ duty was mine ~ I love talking and she’s my friend so how could I deny?!

At every class, I also spoke something after Nok expressing her intention for this position. I said same types of things to each class; “Hi, I’m Bow from class 79, I used to be a school’s presenter last year and my friend, Om standing next to me used to be a students’ committee, too. We all, including those who are standing by the door, are going to be Nok’s team of working and supporting this building to be the best!” Then it was time to say something touchy but I called it some “Joke” ..In virtue of my buildings contained of different programs, art-maths, art-french, sci-com, sci-quality, sci-management and even sci-inter :p (that’s what they call themselves-they used to study sci-maths last year then changed their minds to study art-maths program instead) so I gotta say various stuff.

Sci-com >> “I know you study specifically about computer and although I study art and maths mostly but I do know computers, too. Well, I love chatting just like you guys :p Anyway, computer, whenever it’s error or crashed, it can always be restarted easily ~ but this decision, if you already made it wrong.. it’s already done..cannot restart it all over again”

Sci-Quality+Management>>”Please take a look closely to the word quality and management which relating directly to you all. You see, “U” in quality and “A” in management? If without “U” voting for Nok then the quality and management grade A like Nok just said will not appear”

And last one to art-maths, art-French and sci-inter>> “You’re all art. You study languages specifically so I’m sure you all know these two words,

“Success” and “Impossible”

First, impossible means won’t be able to happen or work out, right? So what we’re asking you here is | (1) vote from you to put here between the I and the M ..from anything “IMPOSSIBLE”, then it’ll be “I’M POSSIBLE” then

and last word, SUCCESS, if you lack of trust in Nok and our team.. there’ll be no success going on around here because S”U”CCESS without U is something else ..not success”

Then after school, Nok won.. She’s going to be this year’s Silapa Building’s president!! Congrats Nok!! We’re in the last year ..and gotta prepare for entrance exam..which is so so hard so am not sure if we can really do it the best like we wished to or not but what I strongly believe in right now is like what I kept saying to others.. IMPOSSIBLE CAN RELLY BE I’MPOSSIBLE so easily..

In brief, it’s really real to you all, too. To anyone who’s feeling like giving up or giving in something for example, learning Thai, studying to get some important scholarships, wanting to be a professional journalists, wanting to be the best in something for someone and ourselves etc. I assure my word

Impossible can be changed to I’m possible..anytime we want!!

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