A Little About Me

Me and JaZZ

Here’s my MEME per Oakley’s request. What a great “getting to know you” activity!

Your name:
Alice aka SiamIam

Your location:
Northridge, California, USA

Do you have a Thai nickname? Lis

When was your first trip to Thailand? 2 months old
Your latest trip to Thailand? December 03
Which part of Thailand were you from? Tonburi. Taksin Rd. 40

When did you leave Thailand?

Your latest visit home?
December 2003.

Longest time spent in Bangkok’s traffic:
Can’t remember I think I’m still in it.

Won any money on Thai lottery?

Been to Crocodile Farm?
Yes, even posed with the cardboard cut-out!

Floated down (or perhaps across) Chao Phraya river?
Yes, dinner cruise (stinky though).

Ridden an Elephant?
Yes, I had fun riding on my sisler-in-law… no I mean with my sister-in-law… 😉

Been on a squid fishing boat?

Been to a National Park?
Yes, I remember those nasty monkeys they took my chocolate Pocky!

Seen a drag/transvestite show?
No, but I will this time!

Visited a local (read: off the tourist path) temple?

Actually talked with a monk?

Been to a temple fair?

Been stung by jellyfish? (Tribute to Leonardo Dicaprio)
No! And don’t believe what they say about having someone pee on you for the pain.

Hurt yourself partying in Bangkok? (Tribute to Colin Farrell)

Paid a cop to get out of a ticket?
My brother used the “do you know who I am” excuse? Hey, it worked!

Assisted by strangers? (i.e. a place to stay for the night, a free meal, a ride somewhere, lost item returned.)
Hope so.

Most touristy thing you’ve ever done while in Thailand:
Went parasailing and got fondled by a “tourist catcher”.

Most memorable culture shock moment:
When I had to shush away a guy near Patpong showing my hubby an album with pictures of girls in it. I told him to lay off, I’m already working on him”… ha-ha (sorry, was that kosher?)

3 favorite Thai dishes:
Noodle soup with meatballs, Tod-Mun (fish cake), gang som, gang pa, nam prik pa-tu, oh… you said 3 (sorry)

3 favorite spots in Thailand:
Phuket, MBK, Airport (behind the airport, can’t remember the name but Louis Vuitton and Gucci open their stores there)

3 favorite things about Thailand:
Food. Shopping. Food. Shopping. Family. Friendly Faces. Shopping.

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