Thai-Blogs’ MeMe

What the heck is a “MeMe”?

A MeMe is a term for those questionaires about yourself you get in your email, or someone posting them on a message board or blog. It’s all about ME! And here is my version of a MeMe especially designed for Thai-Blogs! Everyone is welcome to participate.

All you have to do is copy the following text onto the comment box (or in another blog entry, if you’d like), and replace MY answers with your own.

Ready? Let’s go!

Your name:
V. Oakley Boren

Your location:
Long Beach, California, USA

A few questions for non-Thai folks:
Do you have a Thai nickname? (For example, our very own Thaiphile here, David, is called Wit.)
I actually do have a Thai nickname, Oh+

When was your first trip to Thailand?

Your latest trip to Thailand?

And now a few questions for Thai folks living abroad:

Which part of Thailand were you from?
Bangkok. Soi Langsuan, to be exact.

When did you leave Thailand?

Your latest visit home?
November 2004.

The rest is for EVERYONE. All about your THAILAND experience.

Longest time spent in Bangkok’s traffic:
3 hours getting back from Silom Road to Soi Langsuan. That is, what, less than 3 miles?

Won any money on Thai lottery?

Been to Crocodile Farm?
Yes. When it first opened gazillion years ago.

Floated down (or perhaps across) Chao Phraya river?

Ridden an Elephant?

Been on a squid fishing boat?

Been to a National Park?
Went to Kao Yai when I was 5.

Seen a drag/transvestite show?
2003 in Pattaya at Tiffany. Our “girls” are gorgeous!

Visited a local (read: off the tourist path) temple?

Actually talked with a monk?
Not by myself, but yes.

Been to a temple fair?

Been stung by jellyfish? (Tribute to Leonardo Dicaprio)
Thank god, no.

Hurt yourself partying in Bangkok? (Tribute to Colin Farrell)
I wish. HAHA!

Paid a cop to get out of a ticket?
Not personally. But I was in the car when my brother refused to pay up and actually took the ticket. Good man!

Assisted by strangers? (i.e. a place to stay for the night, a free meal, a ride somewhere, lost item returned.)
Not yet.

Most touristy thing you’ve ever done while in Thailand:
Went to Loy Kratong event at the Oriental. It was a ritzy affair, but boy do I feel like we should just be out there with the locals instead of glamming it up in here!

Most memorable culture shock moment:
This was years ago. A couple of sales girls in a department store thought I was a tourist and started talking about how I looked and what I wore while I was browsing. It was fun to watch their reactions when I went up to them to pay for my things and speaking perfect Thai.

3 favorite Thai dishes:
Thai omelet with oysters. Tom Yum Goong. Morning Glory stir fry (Padd pak boong).

3 favorite spots in Thailand:
Chiang Dao in Chiang Mai. Phuket beaches. Soi Lalai Sap…hehe.

3 favorite things about Thailand:
Food. Compassion. Smiles.

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