Superstitions about Animals

Here are some more Thai superstitions and Old Wives Tales:

(1) Do not kill big animals such as elephant, horse, cow, buffalo, etc. because it is a big sin
(2) Do not touch a buffalo horn because it won’t grow any more
(3) Do not turn over a puppy because it will go and eat your chicken
(4) Do not touch a horse’s tail because it will get sick
(5) Do not hit a dog with a bamboo pole meant for carrying things because it will become rabid
(6) Do not hit a cat because it is as much sinful as hitting a novice monk
(7) Do not hit a cat on the head because when you grow old your head will shake like the cat did when you hit it
(8) Do not rest a cow or a buffalo in the temple grounds because it is a sin
(9) Do not let a black cat jump across a corpse because the dead spirit will then become an angry ghost
(10) Do not raise five cats and six dogs because it will be bad luck for you
(11) Do not chain a monkey because your children will have small wrists like it has been chained
(12) Do not pat a cat’s back because you will make it thin
(13) Do not catch a firefly because your plates and bowls will break often
(14) Do not allow a husband and wife to go and see a snake together because the wife will have a miscarriage

Source: Translated from “Boran Oo-bai” by Sanom Krutmeuang

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