Do’s and Dont’s in Laos

Hi folks,

Back from Laos, and brought with me a souvenir to share. Officials at the TAL (Lao version of the TAT) must have read Steve’s famous “do’s and don’ts” blog series, as they issued a small booklet of their own with a similar title.


It isn’t anything particulary new, and it’s not as funny as Steve’s works, but the pictures are worth a look. If you look at them carefully, you can find aspects of Lao everyday life that are also found in Thai life. Also, note the similarity between Thai and Lao social conduct and culture.


Finally, there is something of interest for our linguist readers as well: compare Thai and Lao script, and see if your knowledge of Thai helps reading Lao. Many of my Thai friends can read most of it, even non-Isaan folks.

Public kissing

You can see all the pictures full-sized, in our ThaiBlogs Photoalbum. Enjoy! 🙂

If you are interested in a high-resolution version of any of the pictures, please contact me by email through

2 responses to “Do’s and Dont’s in Laos

  1. Thanks for yer kind comments there on me old dos and donts series. Am i supposed to be paying you for saying that?

    Look at the corny dos and donts they post on all them Embassy websites about coming to Thailand, they need a bit of spicing up for sure.

    That trip to Laos of yours, when are you going to be telling us about some of yer goings-ons there, are you keeping yer adventures a secret?

    Funny cartoon pics, liked.

  2. Hi Steve, glad you liked the pics. 🙂

    Now and then, I put a few bits and pieces up from my Lao trips – whenever I can find some relevance to Thailand, such as in this case. No secrets there, lol.