Watch out! A monitor lizard’s crossin’ the road!

*Cautions! If you are pregnant, eating or have heart diseases, I suggest you that you skip reading this blog!*


It was 11am on the dot but I was still on the motorcycle! I would have my last big English exam for my AUA course at 12 at Ratchadamri.. it always takes an hour (at least) to reach Siam and somewhere nearby! I became so sweaty (although, I just had a shower just before leaving home) and was panicked ..”What if I’m there late?!” “What if people there don’t let me take the exam!?” – -” “Buddha, God, Gurus and any other holy things, please help me be there now!” – -didn’t work..again, “NOW!!”, maybe I didn’t make it clearly, once again, “RIGHT NOW!”..Then I realized it’s entirely impossible so I, conciously, tried asking again changing ‘now’ to ‘just in time’

While I was busy with my crazy thoughts, I felt myself again when I already leaned across the rider’s seat – -” he fell off the seat to the front instead. I was still confused ~ ~” because I didn’t pay attention to the route at all. I was too worried about my exam. I dazedly asked the rider what happened just now..before he could open his mouth trying to response, I abruptly saw the cause of it – – >

Yes, it was a monitor lizard crossing the road! It wasn’t T-junction or any intersection where we (rider, the cute cute uninvited lizard and me) met but groves on the sides of the road instead. I guess it was planning to meet its friends, family or lover who it was missing badly at the other side. “Though, you missed’d better not make me miss the test, by the way, folk!!” But cannot blame it really because there wasn’t any red, green or yellow lights there.. it didn’t need to stop for any cars or anybody else then! – -”

However, in Thailand, it’s believed that accidentally meeting monitor lizard will bring you good luck. Because some people used to name it rudely so its name was informally changed to “Money-Gold lizard” and that led oldsters made up some superstition about it. I didn’t have time to think of that at first plus I usually am not that superstitious so I attributed it, according to its look and its interruption, as a bad luck of that day and I knew my exam would turn out to be bad, I might not arrive there on time and wouldn’t be able to take any test that day. I thought I would fail for this semester.

I was uneasily anxious all the way there.. but I still didn’t give up. I ran as soon as I got out of the sky train up to motorcycle. I told the rider to ride it as fast as he could :p (I also hoped to find no more lizards there). I reached the registeration desk at last. I was there at 12.10..10 minute late but the lady there allowed me to attend the test! Whoopi!!! I pantly signed my name and did the test calmly. Later, I felt so relieved. I could do my test pretty good.. I met Nong Mew (my smart junior from primary school). I waited for her to come home together. She had some ice-cream with me. We had fun talk and she also paid for the taxi! I came home and found yummy dinner on the table. I was like, “WoW!!!!”. Things turned out to be fabulous. I still am not so superstitious now but I cannot easily deny that those of latter things had meeting the lizard involved 🙂 Thanks a bunch!!

PS. I tried my best to find the cutest picture of it :>

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