7 world’s wonders we can own

There is a ring telling that the class’ over. The teacher suddenly tells students to list 7 world’s wonders as a homework and hand it in the next day.

Teacher : Well, yesterday, I told you to list me 7 wolrd’s wonder, right? Now it’s time to hand it in. Do not copy now. I said it’s “home”work, not “school”work.

Students start to put their papers on teacher’s desk..1..2..3 ~ 49 (according to Thai class, it contains of 45 people +) teachers see her students have some different answers but she can conclude like this;

1. Channel Tunnel (England & France)
2. Itaipu Dam (Brazil/Paraguay)
3. CN Tower (Toronto)
4. Netherlands North Sea Protection Works (Netherlands)
5. Empire State Building (New York)
6.Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)
7.Panama Canal (Panama)

but there is the one more person left and it’s Somsri. Teacher walks up to her and asks if she needs some help. She says she really needs some help because there are a lot to list. The teacher immediately remembers she didn’t tell her students if she wanted them to do 7 world’s wonders in the ancient time or modern time or what so she says, “Actually, you can tell us what you’ve got so we can help you out if you miss something, alright?”

Somsri : Okay, 7 world’s wonders are

1. To see
2. To hear
3. To feel
4. To taste
5. To touch
6. To laugh
7. and..to love!

The whole room becomes entirely silent ( that even if the needle falls on the floor, everyone can hear).

The most wonders that we unforgettably neglect are so simple, ordinary and so so close to us ourselves – we don’t have to fly overseas to Thailand, USA, China, Egypt or anywhere else to find it.. it’s just right here next to us, surrounding us.

By the way, the most important things in life cannot be built by hands or purchase by humans 🙂

PS. Thanks for the information from forward mail by “Two”, mah lovely Thai friend and I dedicate this story to make our Thai land higher.. don’t want to sound like Miss Universe but “Peace” is needed now and here.

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