153-my lucky number!

“Isn’t this too hot, mum!?,” asked Bow in a pool of sweat. I remember that day of couple years ago, it was in Summer time. I didn’t want to be in any motion at all..even winking my eye. I was afraid to lose my energy which was so little left and anymore drip of my sweat. Then mum told me to sit in the fridge. ~ ~” I certainly thought it was stupid but I 100% supported that idea, if I really could sit in it, I would definitely do! So I just sat in front of the door-opened refridgerator instead. lol!!!

It was so hot that I dindn’t want to shower by myself :p so I went out to hair-dressing shop and got somebody washed my hair for me. On my way there, I saw a lady selling some icy dessert. It was so inviting! I bought one and devoured it happily :p. When I got home, I told my mum about me eating that dessert..telling how yummy and freezy it was then “BANG!”. Mum scolded, “How could you buy it?! She’s got HIV, her husband just died coz of it and you know it with all your heart! Do you want to die this soon, too?!” – -”
I knew it .. of course. That girl used to scold me and neighbors, too. Well, she was a bit moody but it was the dessert I loved and it was so hot.. and I saw there was nothing wrong with it and surely, mum, HIV doesn’t transfer from a human to another that easy! But nothing I could do, I said “Sorry”.

Before long, she died. No one seemed to be sad because we knew how she loved to offend people but I didn’t think of that. Well, technically, she’s our planet earth’s friend! When our friend just die, do we keep gossiping about it!? Nope! Then that night, I dreamed of her ..telling me that everybody in the village bought 153 for the lottery and we all won. Next morning, I told my granny and she bought and we really won. Though, it wasn’t that much but we still won a little. I felt like that was the most amazing thing ever for me! I so thank her for that. I guess it happened because I bought her dessert.. I didn’t mind communicating with her ~ and I ate all she gave me! :p

Now that I find 153 has been involving with me a lot. Firstly, my address is at 44/35 ~ there’s 35 there! My mobile and mum moblie phones’ numbers consist of 153, too! Also, I met my bf via the internet and his email address is blackdragon_53!! My granny kept buying 153 a few more times and we won it almost everytime we bought that number!..

Believe it or not? Just a dessert in a boiling day can bring you to neverendingly good lucks. 🙂 Let’s start doing good things and care about other feelings now then.. you may win a plane ticket to come to Thailand! lol!!!


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