Hoi Tod – Fried Mussels in Batter

I have told you before how to cook Pad Thai. This is otherwise known as Thai fried noodles and is a favourite of many foreign visitors. I buy it from the street hawker around the corner every two weeks or so. I think I mentioned before that I don’t buy street food that often as I usually cook for myself. Today I cooked red chicken curry, stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce and omlette. I like curries. I buy packets of green and red curry paste and cartons of coconut milk. I then experiment with different ingredients sometimes blending Thai tastes with Western ideas. However, I always like it hot and spicy. The curry paste is never enough and I always add more chilis. Most foriegn Thai cookbooks say take out the seeds. But, I always throw the lot in.

Anyway, whenever you see someone cooking “pad thai”, you should know straight away that the same street vendor also makes “hoi tod” (sometimes spelled “hoy thod”). This is basically made up from a batter mixed together with either mussles or oysters. This is then fried in a flat-bottomed pan for a while before an egg is added and scrambled. When it is cooked, a handful of beansprouts are sprinkled on top. It is served with a chili sauce made up with rice vinegar, sliced chillis and sugar.

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