Bua- the Best Sea-food restaurant.

Bua used to be a large, open- air restaurant in Chaengwattana Road, near the present day Lotus Supermarket.

Amidst sylvan green, chairs and tables were placed at some distance from each other in groups. At the entrance in large aerated aquariums and small pools many varieties of fishes, squids and prawns were kept alive. The most attractive was the over-sized tiger prawn.

You could place your order by indicating your choice, and steaming food would be brought to you at no time. Though a sea-food restaurant, it was quite innovative in preparing chicken. One such dish was deep fried chicken marinated in fennel seed, wrapped in banana leaves. The dish was served with fried cashew nuts.

I went there recently to see that it now exists in a small covered room, and the old grandeur simply vanished.

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